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Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)


A colossus amongst composers, J. S. Bach was born and lived in Germany throughout his life. He was the most eminent organist of his day and he ranks as one of the finest composers for that instrument. Our ‘Presto Recommends… J.S. Bach (choral and vocal)’ feature is our hand-picked selection of his greatest recordings.

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 Interview, Antoine Tamestit on Bach

The viola-player talks to David about his recording of the three gamba sonatas on Stradivari’s ‘Gustav Mahler’ viola from 1672 - one of only thirteen extant violas by the legendary Cremonese luthier.

 Recording of the Week, Mahan Esfahani plays Bach Toccatas

David enjoys Mahan Esfahani's exhilarating recording of Bach's seven keyboard toccatas, BWV910-916.

Popular Works: Bach, J S

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Masaaki Suzuki plays Bach Organ Works, Vol. 3
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Bach To The Future
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