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Blu-ray offers a stunning audio-visual experience - it uses a blue-violet laser that's focused to produce an incredibly precise pinpoint of light, five times smaller than the beam falling on the surface of a DVD. Blu-ray can hold up to an incredible 50GB of data on a single disc (that's over 9 hours of high definition viewing)!

Audio is also vital to the blu-ray experience, being able to handle up to 32 different audio streams - from basic stereo up to uncompressed 7.1 multi-channel sound!

Please note: You need a Blu-ray player to play any item listed in this section. They are not compatible with standard DVD players.

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New Year's Concert 2019
Blu-ray: ($21.25) $18.75
Puccini: Tosca
Blu-ray: ($34.25) $27.50

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