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Our Team

  • Chris O'Reilly

    Director, Chief Executive Officer

    Chris grew up in London and studied cello from the age of five. He never did enough practice to get really good at it, but caught a passion for Classical music which would stick with him forever. He has wide-ranging musical tastes, still plays the cello (although less so in the past year) and enjoys everything from intimate chamber music to Mahler symphonies. Married, with three talented children, when not working you'll probably find him playing cricket or cycling⁠.

  • Graham Southern

    Director, Chief Operating Officer

    After studying music at University, Graham worked for EMI Classics, Decca and Deutsche Grammophon, in London, for 25 years, before joining Presto Music in 2016. He works closely with the Warehouse, IT, Finance, Classical & Digital teams, as well as having responsibility for HR. When not working you will find him focused on his family here in Leamington Spa, Liverpool FC, Formula 1 and digging the allotment. Graham has a life-long passion for classical music, having studied the piano from the age of four.

  • Jonny Brading

    Commercial Director

    Jonny grew up in Cambridge amongst a musical family, ranging from folk, classical, rock and jazz players. He plays a number of instruments including trumpet, guitar, mandolin with drums being his first instrument. His working career has focussed on printed music publishing and retail, joining Presto Music in 2020. When not working you’ll find him spending time with his young family and perfecting his DIY skills.

  • Katherine Cooper

    Head of Editorial (Classical)

    Katherine grew up in Middlesbrough and joined Presto in 2009, after managing the recordings department at Blackwell's Music in Oxford whilst completing postgraduate studies in English Literature. Having begun her musical life as a violinist and viola-player, she eventually retrained as a mezzo specialising in coloratura repertoire, with favourite roles including Rossini's three great comic heroines and Adalgisa in Bellini's Norma.

    She is also passionate about adult education and has spent over a decade as an Associate Lecturer for The Open University, where she currently teaches on the Discovering the Arts and Humanities module.

  • Paul Thomas

    Product Manager

    Paul was a keen Presto customer before he joined the company and over four years later remains an inveterate concert-goer and CD collector. Although not a musician himself, Paul has a broad range of classical interests: from John Adams to Alexander Von Zemlinsky, from Renaissance to Steve Reich. When not hosting podcasts and writing the occasional retrospective article his professional background in IT (and hard work) helps to make the information on the site as accurate as possible.⁠⁠

  • David Smith

    Head of Digital Catalogue

    David grew up in southwest England and dabbled in several instruments, being variously a choir accompanist and church organist and occasionally playing brass in pit-bands. After moving up to the West Midlands in 2012 to join the Presto team he eventually settled into a niche as a singer, and began cultivating a particular interest in early music. In the rare moments not devoted to musical pursuits he enjoys growing houseplants, reading (especially history), and languages; currently he is slowly but surely learning Mandarin Chinese. He aspires to have a cat but has not yet managed to.

  • Matt Groom

    Head of Jazz, Customer Engagement & Partnerships

    Matt grew up in Leicestershire, developing an early fascination with music playing his mum's Beatles and Buddy Holly singles. The other-worldly sounds emitting from his Radio Ham dad's man-cave encouraged his taste for experimental music (especially Stockhausen), and attending classical concerts at Leicester's De Montfort Hall helped make him a teenage Mahler fanatic. In the nineties, Matt was a cameraman and editor for cable television production companies. His love of Jazz came about after working for a period in the Jazz department of Tower Records, and he was later part of an experimental electro-improv trio.

    Matt has worked in classical music PR, making promotional videos for artists like Rachel Podger, and one of his musical heroes, Harrison Birtwistle. Outside of work, Matt enjoys walking and cycling, baking with his daughter, making odd noises on his synthesisers and folding origami models.

  • Josh Lee

    Jazz Specialist

    Josh grew up in the Warwickshire area, his love of rock and heavy metal leading him to learning the electric guitar at 14, though his tastes have broadened since then! Josh joined Presto back in 2018 as a member of our Leamington Spa shop team and now writes for Presto Jazz. When he's not writing up on the latest jazz releases, Josh mostly spends his weekends practising guitar, messing about with synthesisers, or out taking photographs.

  • James Longstaffe

    Head of Sheet Music and Books

    James has worked for Presto for almost ten years, looking after the sheet music and books departments on our website. Outside of Presto, he is a conductor, répétiteur, arranger, and tuba player. His musical interests include opera, late-Romantic orchestral works (especially Mahler and Richard Strauss), and twentieth-century American composers such as Copland and John Adams. He is also a big fan of film music, particularly John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, and Bernard Herrmann; he wrote his postgraduate dissertation on the music of Star Wars.⁠⁠

  • Ellena Taylor

    Sheet Music Specialist

    Ellena grew up in a small village in Cambridgeshire and discovered her love of music at the early age of four when she began learning recorder at her primary school. She went on to learn the flute, and studied flute performance at Birmingham Conservatoire. She enjoys a wide variety of music including pop, rock, jazz, classical and film music. When she isn't working you'll probably find her deep in a good book, practising some yoga poses, or doing something creative. ⁠⁠⁠

  • Paolo Pezzangora

    Head of Marketing

    Paolo was born in Italy and has been involved in the music field since he was a teenager.

    A CIM graduate with a special focus on digital marketing and branding, Paolo has worked not only for the most famous Italian progressive-rock band of the 70s but also as Marketing Manager for one of the UK’s leading professional chamber orchestras. When not working, he used to love rowing, DIY, playing the cornet, growing vegetables on his balcony... but not anymore. Now he has two children and enjoys a sleepless fatherhood.

  • Rebekah Mushinski

    Customer Service Advisor

    Rebekah is originally from Houston, Texas, and moved to the UK last year for her husband's job at the University of Warwick. She currently lives in Wellesbourne with her husband, two cats and a 4-month-old puppy. She worked in healthcare IT for seven years and has worked in customer service roles since moving to the UK. She grew up singing in choirs and is a little obsessed with musicals. In her spare time, she draws custom pet portraits using pastels. She can be found on Instagram as @rebekah_mushinski and @artby_rebekah.

  • Tracy Morris

    Customer Service Advisor

    ⁠Tracy grew up in the village of Bulkington, Warwickshire. She started learning the violin at the age of 10 and the organ when she was 12. Tracy joined an American style marching band at the age of 17, playing the baritone, mellophone (forward-facing French horn) and the trumpet.⁠ After 17 years of this activity, Tracy decided to hang up those energetic marching shoes and in 2016 joined a sit-down brass band, playing solo cornet in her home village brass band.

    Having had extensive experience in customer service, operations and administration, Tracy joined the Presto team in March 2021 in the Customer Service department and is thoroughly enjoying using her skills and experience in this new setting. Aside from banding, outside work, Tracy enjoys spending time with her family and friends, getting away with the family in the camper van, eating good food and watching crime dramas and comedies.⁠

  • Rob Ferrer

    Director, Chief Technology Officer

    Rob was born in Leamington and tinkered in computers from a young age. After a year as a kayak instructor in the Lake District, he studied Computer Science at The University of York. He remained in York for a further seven years, before returning to Leamington.⁠⁠⁠⁠

    When not in front of his screens, Rob is a Scout Leader, enjoys photography and camping with his family.⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

  • Jude Gibbons

    Front End Developer

  • Greg Walmsley

    PHP Software Developer

  • Manizheh Montazerian

    PHP Software Developer

    Manizheh joined us following a wide range of experience in academia and commerce. Her studies included a BSc in Software Engineering, followed by an MSc in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Engineering. This was followed by a PhD in Computer Science and Information Systems from Birkbeck College, University of London. Manizheh has also been a Lecturer at several universities in Iran, in addition to being a Web Service and Software Developer at a start-up company.

  • Roberto Vernina

    PHP Software Developer

    Roberto became fascinated by the 'art' of programming computers when he was eight years old. Many years after, he embraced the Open Source community, becoming a very strong Linux enthusiast and, possibly, advocate.⁠⁠ His second passion has always been music. He studied privately, becoming a respectable amateur piano player, then guitarist, then finally bass guitarist for ten years. And he recently restarted studying the electric bass guitar after three years of hiatus.⁠⁠

    Roberto worked for 20 years as a professional developer in Italy. By pure chance, he stumbled upon a job offering in Leamington Spa, and moved to the UK four years ago. His role at Presto is to take care of the 'engine' that runs our website: he spends most of his time reading and writing code.

  • Alex Preston

    Instrument Repairer and Software Developer

    Alex plays clarinet, bassoon, sax, flute and oboe in theatre pits, orchestras and bands, and is also an experienced woodwind teacher. He spent three years at Newark College training as a woodwind instrument repairer from 2004 to 2007. He worked as an independent repairer from then until 2018 when he moved his workshop into Presto. He now does all the woodwind repairs and servicing in the shop. Alex also works in the IT team writing software to support editing website content and shipping products to customers.

    ⁠Outside of work he enjoys the great outdoors, and has cycled from Land's End to John O'Groats, trekked to Everest Base Camp and jumped out of a plane for fun. He is also an expert at sleeping through films.⁠⁠⁠

  • Suzy Reeve

    Director, Finance Director

    Suzy was born in Coventry but lived in London and France before settling back in the Midlands in Leamington Spa. Her further education was in European languages, but accountancy must be in her DNA, her grandfather having been Chief Accountant at the Coventry Ordnance Works for 15 years encompassing WW1. She has been self-employed for most of her working life, specialising in rescuing and developing small charities and businesses and was first associated with Presto in 2001. She has a love of music of most genres, all other cultural activities and the natural environment. When not at Presto she's likely to be found on her allotment.⁠⁠

  • Genevieve Freedman

    Finance Assistant

    Genevieve grew up in Canterbury and started learning piano at the age of seven. She always knew that music would be a big part of her life (but not in a performing way!) so worked in London in arts administration following her graduation with a music and marketing degree in 2000. When she moved to Leamington in 2003 she was delighted to find Presto Music there, and has worked for the company ever since alongside teaching piano. She also has played the saxophone, oboe, cello and double bass as well as being the alto with the 'chocolate' voice and more recently trying out her DJ skills!

    She has a very eclectic range of musical interests from classical through to techno! Outside of work, she loves animals, nature, good food, cocktails, cricket, tennis, pilates and holidays in the sun.

  • David Batterbee

    Warehouse Manager

    David grew up in Kenilworth and remembers shopping in Presto as a young boy with his father, who was the organist at Kenilworth Methodist Church for some years.⁠

    David has worked for a range of companies, from VW to JCB; he even had a stint as a registered firearms dealer! When not working David would like to be walking in the Lake District, watching F1 or on very rare occasions fishing, he has a passion for craft beer and strives to make the perfect espresso!⁠⁠

  • Clare Plumbley

    Despatch & Customer Service Manager

    Clare has been working for Presto for eight years, firstly as a CD despatcher before working her way up to Despatch & Customer Service Manager. Clare has a large retail and customer service background but has been known to hold her own on the stage singing, playing bass or the drums. Clare grew up with her family in Rugby, where the sport was invented. When not at work Clare has a large crafty side and can be found wielding a glue gun (check out her Etsy shop). Clare is currently recycling VHS into nightlights to save them from landfill and making Lego mosaic art of faces or bands. When not crafting Clare enjoys spending time with her family and planning a trip to Japan or working on her cosplay of Leia Boushh from Star Wars.⁠

  • Mirka Valentovicova

    Senior Despatcher

    Mirka was born and grew up in Slovakia until she moved away when she was 18.⁠ Since then, she has visited and lived in several countries, including Rwanda, where she volunteered for a nursery, and Holland, working on a boat.⁠⁠

    But Leamington was her second home for a long time. She came to Presto five years ago: first for three days a week, then taking a full-time position as a picker, moving to become one of the Senior Despatchers.⁠ Although she is not a musician, she enjoys music. When not working, she enjoys walking in the parks, flowers and making homemade food.⁠⁠⁠

  • Alex Mitchell


  • Barney Stevens


  • Clive Bruder


    Clive joined Presto at the beginning of 2020 and works in our warehouse. His main focus in life is sewing and has appeared on Sewing Street TV and sewing shows within the Warwickshire area. He studied fashion at Warwickshire college and then went onto university to study his passion at degree level. Part-time he runs his own business of bespoke one-off garments for his customers and sometimes himself. Being creative and unique is always at the forefront of his mind and likes to explore new culture, arts and design for inspiration. You can see his work on his website.

    Growing up Clive always had an interest in classical music and played the violin for six years at school. Music is always playing when he’s busy at the sewing machine.

  • Dean Johnson


  • Julie Shirley-Smith


  • Lee Dando


  • Mark Francis


  • Matt Clarkson


  • Nick Bates


  • Richard Thorpe


    Rich was born and bred in Sheffield, but he has been living in Leamington for 20 years now and joined Presto in 2019.⁠ Rich has been working in the music industry, one way or another, for the last 28 years, including working a 15-year spell at two of the biggest independent music shops of the 90s/noughties (Andys Records and Fopp Records) and also doing DJ residencies at Leamington bars. He has also been privileged to be the support DJ to an eclectic mix of famous(ish) artists including Craig Charles, Norman Jay, Gilles Peterson, Howard Marx, Josh Stone, Jamie Cullum and many others.⁠

    Rich is also an avid vinyl collector and gig-goer!⁠

  • Sean Fallows


  • Tom McKenzie


  • Emma Baker


  • Tracy Batsford


  • Warren Rowley


  • Andy Lock

    MOD (Manufacturing on Demand) & Despatcher

    Andrew is 58 years of age and he was born in Leamington Spa. He began his working life in cafe/bar work before moving to the 9-to-5 world at a book warehouse, a picture framer's and a medical company before joining Presto Music. He loves music, which began with listening to Elvis Presley. He then discovered classic/blues rock, but has a varied musical taste with CD racks going from Mozart to Motörhead, and Rachmaninoff to Rainbow.

    His other love is live music photography: From 2008 Andrew has had the opportunity to use his camera skills at over 100 gigs including several by his two favourite bands: Marillion and Mostly Autumn.

    Andrew love holidays, movies and reading music biographies. He has been married to Julie for 31 years, they have two beautiful dogs, Poppy and Bailey, and live in rural Hatton.

  • Borjenna Brooker

    Artworker & MOD (Manufacturing on Demand)

    Borjenna, who is half-English and half-Polish, grew up mostly in Reading. She has loved art and music from an early age, collecting cassette tapes and then CDs, building up a pretty large collection of music back in the days.⁠ ⁠Borjenna has an eclectic taste, liking many different types of music and is always keen to discover new music.⁠ ⁠Borjenna has also experimented with and played with many musical instruments, including piano, clarinet, saxophone, drums, bass guitar and guitar. When not at work other interests include running, mountain biking very badly, and watching a good documentary.⁠

  • Phyllida Martignetti

    Shop Manager

    Phyllida is a classically trained singer, having completed her BMus in Opera Performance at the Royal Northern College of Music in 2020 under the tutelage of Andrew Heggie. She performed in several operas whilst at the college, including staged productions of Humperdinck's Hansel and Gretel, Massenet's Cendrillon and a world recording premiere of a lost opera by Alfred Cellier, Dorothy.

    After graduating from RNCM, Phyllida undertook a Master's degree at the University of Cambridge, specialising in the Vodou music of the Caribbean island of Haiti, with particular reference to the compositions of Werner Jaegerhuber. Phyllida graduated from Cambridge in July 2021.

    Alongside her classical singing, Phyllida enjoys playing woodwind instruments, and writing and recording popular music with her husband with the occasional helping hand from their tortoise!

  • James Abel

    Piano Specialist

    James grew up in Ludlow, Shropshire. At the age of ten, he began studying the piano and soon found his ever-growing passion for music and composition. He began seriously composing during his college days in Hereford, which soon led to a degree in Composition at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. During this four-year course, he premiered his music on multiple occasions and won the Philip Bates Prize in his second year of studies. This was also the time he was introduced to Presto Music, which he used for theory and conducting exams.⁠⁠

    After graduating, he found a new growing interest in music technology and videography, which he pursues actively besides composition and piano performance to this day. James is an avid video editor and orchestrator. When not working, James can be found canoeing, running, camping, or relaxing with his family.

  • Martha Allen-Smith

    String, Guitar and Folk Specialist

    Leamington-bred and a regular visitor to Presto in bygone years, Martha is a classically trained violinist and singer, and has been pootling about on guitars and folk instruments since her teenage years. She escaped to the concrete jungle of Birmingham to study drama in 2017, where she most recently found herself working for Hobgoblin Music - a plus for the folk side of her training!

    Returning to her hometown and classical roots, Martha can now generally be found seeking out musical theatre societies, writing fantasy novels and creating history podcasts, outside her musical pursuits.

  • John Paul Stevenson

    Instrument Specialist and Repairer⁠

    JP has been a member of our shop team for almost eight years and specialises in Brass and Bowed String repairs. Since the age of seven, he had a keen interest in brass playing which eventually led him to Birmingham Conservatoire, where he graduated with a BMus (Hons) with first study Cornet.⁠

    Outside work, JP enjoys spending time with his wife and son, swimming, playing football, rugby and tennis, and also cooking.⁠⁠

  • Anne Fautley

    Retail Assistant

    Anne joined Presto in November 2014 after having spent 35 years as a classroom music teacher and Head of Department. Outside work, Anne's interests include playing her Yamaha piano, walking the dog, knitting, gardening, and travelling.