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Presto Music's new classical and jazz streaming service

Presto Music

Bringing a new level of discoverability
to classical music streaming.

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Android app, iOS app, and Web player available

A new classical and jazz streaming service

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Showing the Presto Music app on a selection of devices: mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop computer.

Main features

Extensive catalogue of over 200,000 classical and jazz albums

Daily articles and interviews from our in-house team of classical and jazz experts

Ability for users to create digital collections of albums, composers, artists, and labels

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Fairly remunerating artists and composers using a pay-per-second model

The best classical and jazz music streaming services, with a slick interface, high-quality audio and access to millions of tracks.

CD-quality audio (16-bit, 44.1kHz) as a minimum audio quality

Hi-res audio (up to 24-bit, 192kHz) for over 34,000 albums

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