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Sustainability Policy

At Presto Music, we strive to be sustainable and recognise the impact of our business on the environment, beyond legal and regulatory requirements.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and running our business in a way that positions sustainability as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods.

Several initiatives have already been implemented which have helped to save energy, to reduce our impact on the environment by choosing sustainable products and recycling or reusing wherever sensibly we can, addressing climate change issues and reducing pollution. We are committed to extending these initiatives for our customers and our employees.


One hundred green logo. We use 100% green energy for electricity and gas, through our supplier 100Green, the UK's only supplier of 100% green gas and renewable electricity. Our gas (biomethane) is created through anaerobic digestion whilst our electricity is generated through solar, wind, biomass or hydropower.

Reducing our impact on the environment

We offer a cycle-to-work scheme to all staff, and encourage our teams to walk, cycle or use public transport, rather than driving to work. We also offer a salary sacrifice scheme to help employees purchase 100% electric vehicles.

Our small van, showing the one hundred percent electric logo on the back and side. We have one company vehicle, which is a 100% electric small van. We use this to transport items between our warehouse and our office/shop, and also to deliver pianos to customers.

We use solar panels on our two warehouses.

We avoid printing on paper wherever possible. When we must, we make sure we print double-sided paper, using only 100% recycled paper, chlorine-free, FSC or PEFC-certified.

We dispose of any hazardous waste responsibly.

Aqua Aid logo. We source our bottled drinking water from AquAid, which supports a variety of projects that have helped bring much-needed water to some of the poorest people around the world.

We use LED lighting throughout our office, shop and warehouse. We also ask all staff to turn off lights and switch off computer screens when not in use.

Choosing sustainable products

We always aim to use high-quality, durable and serviceable equipment and materials.

We aim to prolong the lifecycle of electrical appliances through regular maintenance.

We use FSC-sourced cardboard (from well-managed forests) for all our packaging.

Recycling and Reusing

The range of different recycling bins in our Regent Street office. We recycle all recyclable materials and packaging in our warehouse, office and shop, including cardboard, paper, glass, aluminium, plastics and batteries.