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Presto CD

Over recent years we've noticed an increasing number of very good (and sometimes outstanding) recordings being deleted on CD as they're not selling 'enough' to apparently warrant their continued existence in the CD catalogue.

Of course downloading is increasingly becoming an alternative option for these recordings, but what about those people who still prefer CD? Or if the repertoire in question is perhaps a song or opera and you particularly want the booklet so you can read the translations?

In May 2014, we launched a new project aimed at solving this problem and bringing top-quality recordings back to life as physical CDs: Presto CD.

Manufactured by us here at Presto Music under licence from the original record labels, Presto CD produces a finished product almost indistinguishable from the original factory-pressed version. Each disc includes full booklets and inlays, whilst the audio (sourced directly from the factory) is 100% identical to that found on the original CD version.

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