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Verve Unmixed

Willie Bobo (vocalist), Jose Mangual (percussion), Richard Davis (bass guitar), Sonny Henry (guitar), Bobby Brown (tenor saxophone), Melvin Lastie (cornet), Bobby Brown (alto saxophone), Carmen McRae, Quincy Jones, Quincy Jones And His Orchestra, Lisle Atkinson (upright bass), Bobby Hamilton (drums),...

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Melvin Lastie, Willie Bobo: Spanish Grease

Work length2:47
  • Willie Bobo (vocalist), Melvin Lastie (cornet), Bobby Brown (alto saxophone), Bobby Brown (tenor saxophone), Sonny Henry (guitar), Jose Mangual (percussion), Richard Davis (bass guitar)
  • Recorded: 1965
  • Recording Venue: Van Gelder Studio, NJ

Gershwin: How Long Has This Been Going On

Work length4:04
  • Carmen McRae
  • Recorded: 1959

Quincy Jones, Howard Greenfield: Who Needs Forever?

Work length3:08
  • Astrud Gilberto (vocals)
  • Recorded: 1966
  • Recording Venue: Van Gelder Studios, Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Louis Jordan, Billy Austin: Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby?

Work length2:59
  • Quincy Jones And His Orchestra, Dinah Washington (vocals)
  • Quincy Jones
  • Recorded: 1956
  • Recording Venue: New York City, NY

Anthony Newley, Leslie Bricusse: Feeling Good

Work length2:54
  • Nina Simone (vocals), Rudy Stevenson (guitar), Bobby Hamilton (drums), Lisle Atkinson (upright bass)
  • Recorded: 1965-01
  • Recording Venue: New York, NY

Tiomkin: Return To Paradise

Work length5:08
  • Shirley Horn (keyboards)
  • Johnny Mandel
  • Recorded: 1992
  • Recording Venue: Group IV Studios, Hollywood

Rodgers, R: Wait Till You See Her

Work length1:25
  • Ella Fitzgerald (vocals), Barney Kessel (guitar)
  • Recorded: 1956-08-29
  • Recording Venue: Capitol Studios

Billie Holiday, Arthur Herzog Jr.: Don't Explain

Work length3:03
  • Recorded: 1979

Nina Simone, George H. Bass: See-Line Woman

Work length2:36
  • Nina Simone (vocals), Rudy Stevenson (flute), Rudy Stevenson (guitar), Lisle Atkinson (percussion), Lisle Atkinson (upright bass), Bobby Hamilton (drums)
  • Recorded: 1964-03-21
  • Recording Venue: New York, NY

Dorothy Heyward, George Gershwin: Summertime

Work length2:50
  • Sarah Vaughan
  • Harold Mooney And His Orchestra
  • Recorded: 1957-04-24
  • Recording Venue: Capitol Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA

Lewis Allan: Strange Fruit

Work length3:01
  • Billie Holiday, Tony Scott (clarinet), Charlie Shavers (trumpet), Paul Quinichette (saxophone), Wynton Kelly (piano), Kenny Burrell (electric guitar), Aaron Bell (double bass), Lennie McBrowne (drums)
  • Tony Scott Orchestra
  • Recorded: 1956-06-07
  • Recording Venue: Fine Sound, NYC

Tony Scott: Hare Krishna - Hail Krishna

Work length6:23
  • Recorded: 1968