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Purcell - Complete Secular Solo Songs

Purcell - Complete Secular Solo Songs

Barbara Bonney (soprano), Susan Gritton (soprano), James Bowman (counter-tenor), Rogers Covey-Crump (tenor), Charles Daniels (tenor), Michael George (bass)

The King's Consort, Robert King (chamber organ, harpsichord)

3 CDs


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Purcell: Complete Secular Solo Songs [Disc 1]

Purcell: Draw Near, You Lovers, Z 462

Purcell: While Thyrsis, Wrapt In Downy Sleep, Z 437

Purcell: Love, Thou Canst Hear, Tho' Thou Art Blind, Z 396

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Purcell: I Lov'd Fair Celia, Z 381

Purcell: What Hope For Us Remains Now He Is Gone? On The Death Of Mattew Locke, Z 472

Purcell: Pastora's Beauties, When Unblown, Z 407

Purcell: A Thousand Sev'ral Ways I Tried, Z 359

Purcell: Urge Me No More, Z 426

Purcell: Farewell, All Joys, Z 368

Purcell: If Music Be The Food Of Love, Z 379

Purcell: Amidst The Shades & Cool Refreshing Streams, Z 355

Purcell: They Say You're Angry, Z 422

Purcell: Let Each Gallant Heart, Z 390

Purcell: This Poet Sings The Trojan Wars, Z 423, "Anacreon's Defeat"

Purcell: Ah! How Pleasant 'Tis To Love, Z 353

Purcell: My Heart, Whenever You Appear, Z 399

Purcell: On The Brow Of Richmond Hill, Z 405

Purcell: Rashly I Swore I Would Disown, Z 411

Purcell: Since The Pox Or The Plague, Z 471

Purcell: Beneath A Dark & Melancholy Grove, Z 461

Purcell: Musing On Cares Of Human Fate, Z 467

Purcell: Whilst Cynthia Sung, All Angry Winds Lay Still, Z 438

Purcell: How I Sigh When I Think Of The Charms, Z 374

Purcell: Ye Happy Swains, Whose Nymphs Are Kind, Z 443

Purcell: Beware, Poor Shepherds, Z 361

Purcell: See How The Fading Glories Of The Year, Z 470

Purcell: Cease, Anxious World, Your Fruitless Pain, Z 362

Purcell: Oh! Fair Cedaria, Hide Those Eyes, Z 402

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Purcell: Complete Secular Solo Songs [Disc 2]

Purcell: I Love & I Must 'Bell Barr', Z 382

Purcell: When Her Languishing Eyes Said 'Love!', Z 432

Purcell: Not All My Torments Can Your Pity Move, Z 400

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Purcell: Ah! Cruel Nymph!, Z 352

Purcell: Sylvia, Now Your Scorn Give Over, Z 420

Purcell: Since One Poor View Has Drawn My Heart, Z 416

Purcell: I Resolve Against Cringing & Whining, Z 386

Purcell: Gentle Shepherds, You That Know 'Pastoral Elegy On The Death Of Mr John Playford', Z 464

Purcell: If Grief Has Any Pow'r To Kill, Z 378

Purcell: She That Would Gain A Faithful Lover, Z 414

Purcell: Fly Swift, Ye Hours, Z 369

Purcell: Hears Not My Phillis How The Birds 'The Knotting Song', Z 371

Purcell: Phillis, Talk No More Of Passion, Z 409

Purcell: Celia's Fond, Too Long I've Lov'd Her, Z 364

Purcell: In Vain We Dissemble, Z 385

Purcell: When My Aemelia Smiles, Z 434

Purcell: Farewell, Ye Rocks, Ye Seas & Sands, Z 463

Purcell: What A Sad Fate Is Mine, Z 428A

Purcell: I Take No Pleasure In The Sun's Bright Beams, Z 388

Purcell: Love's Pow'r In My Heart Shall Find No Compliance, Z 395

Purcell: How Delightful's The Life Of An Innocent Swain, Z 373

Purcell: She, Who My Poor Heart Possesses, Z 415

Purcell: Love Arms Himself In Celia's Eyes, Z 392

Purcell: When First My Shepherdess & I, Z 431

Purcell: Through Mournful Shades & Solitary Groves, Z 424

Purcell: If Music Be The Food Of Love, Z 379B

Purcell: Scarce Had The Rising Sun Appear'd, Z 469

Purcell: Who But A Slave Can Well Express, Z 440

Purcell: High On A Throne Of Glitt'ring Ore, Z 465

Purcell: Incassum Lesbia, Incassum Rogas 'The Queen's Epicedium', Z 383

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Purcell: Complete Secular Solo Songs [Disc 3]

Purcell: She Loves & She Confesses Too, Z 413

Purcell: Amintas, To My Grief I See, Z 356

Purcell: Corinna Is Divinely Fair, Z 365

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Purcell: Amintor, Heedless Of His Flocks, Z 357

Purcell: He Himself Courts His Own Ruin, Z 372

Purcell: No, To What Purpose Should I Speak?, Z 468

Purcell: Sylvia, 'Tis True You're Fair, Z 512

Purcell: Lovely Albina's Come Ashore, Z 394

Purcell: Spite Of The Godhead, Pow'rful Love, Z 417

Purcell: If Music Be The Food Of Love, Z 379C

Purcell: Phillis, I Can Ne'er Forgive It, Z 408

Purcell: Bacchus Is A Pow'r Divine, Z 360

Purcell: From Silent Shades 'Bess Of Bedlam', Z 370

Purcell: Let Formal Lovers Still Pursue, Z 391

Purcell: I Came, I Saw, & Was Undone 'The Thraldom', Z 375

Purcell: Who Can Behold Florella's Charms?, Z 441

Purcell: Cupid, The Slyest Rogue Alive, Z 367

Purcell: If Pray'rs & Tears, Z 380

Purcell: In Cloris All Soft Charms Agree, Z 384

Purcell: Let Us, Kind Lesbia, Give Away, Z 466

Purcell: Love Is Now Become A Trade, Z 393

Purcell: Ask Me To Love No More, Z 358

Purcell: O Solitude, My Sweetest Choice!, Z 406

Purcell: Olinda In The Shades Unseen, Z 404

Purcell: Pious Celinda Goes To Prayers, Z 410

Purcell: When Strephon Found His Passion Vain, Z 435

Purcell: The Fatal Hour Comes On Apace, Z 421

Purcell: Sawney Is A Bonny Lad, Z 412

Purcell: Young Thirsis' Fate, Z 473

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