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Favourites, School Percussion Essentials

Knowing where to start when choosing instruments for large groups of children, or other community groups, can be difficult. To help, we have selected some of the most essential percussion instruments that are suitable for all ages, and for those who may have never played an instrument before. Here are some ideas to get you started on your percussion collection, including kits for KS1 and KS2 classes, boomwhackers, shakers, chime bars, bells, and more!

Monkey drums are an excellent percussion instrument to involve children in music. By rotating the stick between palms, this fun instrument will create a double beat from the swinging beaters attached striking the drum skins. Note: designs may vary.

The Percussion Plus triangle is the perfect instrument for children learning about timing and rhythm. A triangle is suited to accenting beats with its vibrant sound and great resonance. This is an entry level triangle, perfect for beginners and use in classroom activities.

This jingle stick is a simple but effective shaker and a great alternative to a tambourine. It is made with a comfortable easy-grip plastic handle and three rows of jingles. These jingles make a satisfying bright sound that is sure to engage younger children in the process of rhythm-making.

Consists of eight notes: C’ to C”. The diatonic scale allows more songs to be played and is preferred over the pentatonic set by most music educators. Tubes range in length from approx 11” to 24”.

The rainstick is a rather ancient percussion instrument. Believed to have been invented by the Aztects, the belief was that in playing the instrument you would encourage rainstorms to make an appearance. This model is produced traditionally in Peru. Each one is hand-made and decorated individually so each rainstick has a slightly different and unique pattern. Rainsticks are sealed and contain a gravel material which then sounds like rain falling when the stick is up-ended. A charming and individually made percussion instrument.

Egg shakers are easy to hold and allow large groups to join in with musical performances. They are ideal for classrooms or any music group. Importantly they contain non-toxic iron beads so in the unlikely event of one breaking there is nothing of any harm inside - they are made of strong plastic though and are consequently ideal for younger children to use under supervision.

Percussion Plus transparent maracas are a colourful and fun way to get children learning music. They are very simple to use and being made from tough plastic, they are durable. Their lightweight nature makes them ideal for even smaller hands, and the transparency of the plastic adds a visual element to keep young ones entertained.

This plastic guiro shaker with scraper is a great way for kids or adults to explore different tones, textures and rhythms all in one handy little instrument. This two in one instrument can be played with one hand by shaking it, creating a sound similar to a large egg shaker, or alternatively as a guiro by tapping and scraping it with the beater. With the plastic being translucent, you are able to see the beads moving inside when you play, adding to the fun for smaller kids learning at school, and adding an element of kinetic learning.

Supplied with two beaters, rainbow-coloured sound blocks, and collapsible case legs. Bright and colourful, robust, safe and durable! Angel Glockenspiels are ideal for teaching children about basic musical harmony. Dedicated cases for portability and storage with many having adjustable feet, these Glockenspiels are great for primary school use.

Perfect for home or school! The Percussion Plus chromatic glockenspiel is ideal for the classroom or for the budding musician at home. The instrument is housed in a strong bright red plastic case with twenty-five notes that are accurately tuned and arranged exactly like a piano keyboard. The note bars are black and white and have their name etched clearly onto the bar which makes things much easier for the younger player. Great quality and value.

Eight notes, brightly coloured metal keys, diatonic scale in the key of C. Individual plastic chambers, beaters, and carry bag included. Bright, colourful and durable, and with consistent tuning across the range, these glockenspiels are perfect for introducing youngsters to the idea of musical harmony. Housed within a robust, practical carrying case with handle for easy transportation, and feature quality metal keys and a pair of beaters so players can get started immediately.

Tambourines are the perfect instruments for beginner percussionists and great for getting children excited about beats and rhythms. Each Percussion Plus tambourine is made from a finest birch plywood shell which is comfortable for young hands to grip and built to survive a busy school life. A goatskin head is held taut by 16 rivets and produces a bright resonant ping while the jingles or zils built into the frame make a crisp metallic rattle every time the instrument is struck. Wonderfully bright and colourful additions to any classroom.

These finger castanets from Percussion Plus make for a great addition to any classroom percussion set. Made from wood, they are durable and produce a bright tone. The blue and red colouring is attractive and appealing to any player. They are perfect for young children to learn about rhythmic patterns in a fun, colourful way.

The Percussion Plus finger cymbals are two pairs of quality brass finger cymbals. They produce a clear and bright tone and the elastic finger straps making them exceptionally easy to play. They are perfect for use in the classroom and as an interesting addition to the percussion collection.

The Percussion Plus rectangular woodblock produces a bright and crisp single tone and a solid percussive sound. The handle allows the player to easily grip the instrument which boosts play-ability and its effectiveness as a rhythm instrument. This woodblock is supplied with a beater and is a great way to encourage children to learn percussion.

The Percussion Plus wooden claves are made of solid wood and are great value for money. They are a perfect percussive addition to many styles of music making them very versatile. Claves are a very easy instrument to play so they are perfect for young percussionists and beginners.

This well built t-shape, wooden double agogo produces the clear crisp resonance that you would expect. Percussion Plus supply this item with a beater. When struck on either side two distinct but equally satisfying tones are made. As with all Percussion Plus items, they are durable making them suitable for classrooms and regular use.

Packed full of brightly coloured, exciting percussion instruments, children can’t wait to begin to participate in music making with this PP World set. KS1 instruments have been specially selected to give young children the opportunity to perform simple rhythms and melodic patterns by ear and from symbols – and to keep the all-important fun factor high on the agenda! Consists of finger cymbals, chime bar set, extra chime bar beaters, tambourines, woodblock & beater, finger castanets, handled castanets, stick handbell, cluster bells, triangles, Agogo & beater, maracas, jingle stick, sleighbells, two-tone block, and a plastic storage chest.

Utilising rudimentary rhythm skills gained from the PP World KS1 set, the KS2 can further assist participating children in reaching Key Stage 2 of Music in the National Curriculum. With KS2’s more defined instrument inventory, children can quickly gain more musical experience as they develop greater confidence and ability in how to perform music individually and in groups. Consists of cymbals, claves, finger castanets, Maracas, triangles, piccolo cabasa, agogo & beater, solo tambourine, chime bar set, extra chime bar beaters, tulip block & beater, jingle stick, tambour drum, glockenspiel, and plastic storage chest.