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Instrument repairs

Close up of saxophone repairWe have two experienced instrument repairers working in store at Presto Music. Between them they have a wealth of knowledge across all kinds of instruments, with particular expertise in the areas of brass and woodwind, and we can offer a number of services from set-ups and routine servicing to more complex adjustments, fixes and part replacements. All of our repairs are done from our well-equipped in-store workshop, which means some jobs can even be completed on the same day.

Saxophone partsWe are always happy to provide you with a quote or evaluate your instrument free of charge. Our friendly and passionate team have experience and specialism in guitars and can offer many guitar services while you wait, including restringing, clean-ups, truss rod adjustments and part replacements. Please pop in any time for a chat with our team!

Alex Preston

Alex PrestonAlex joined us in the shop in October 2018. He graduated with distinction from a 3 year woodwind repair course at Newark College in 2007 and has been repairing woodwind instruments to a high standard since then, building up a successful woodwind repair business from his own workshop at home. During this time he has developed a fantastic reputation thanks to his detailed, friendly and reliable service. Alex is a keen player himself - a grade 8 player on all woodwind instruments - which enables him to quickly diagnose faults and thoroughly test instruments to ensure the best possible results.

John Paul Stevenson

JP has been repairing at Presto for three years and is an experienced repairer across many kinds of instruments. He is particularly passionate about brass and can offer detailed advice and repairs for these instruments, having completed a training course at Premier Brass during his time at University. He studied cornet performance at The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, and has played in many prestigious and championship-level bands, including Waterbeach Brass (London Southern Counties), Haverhill Brass (London Southern Counties), and SPAL Sovereign Brass (Midlands). JP has also played with Tredegar Town Band (Wales) as part of a massed bands project with the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Brass Band. As well as his expertise in brass, JP has received training from Stentor to set up and perform routine repairs and clean-up work on orchestral stringed instruments.

Woodwind Instruments

Service Levels

Interim Service - Regular service to correct small faults that develop over time

  • Replacing or adjusting pads to close fully
  • Replacing worn corks as necessary
  • Adjusting linked mechanism
  • Oiling keywork as appropriate
  • Joint corks replaced if essential

Full Service - Removing all keywork and correcting small/medium faults during reassembly

  • All mechanisms cleaned and oiled
  • Joint corks replaced as appropriate
  • Stiff or loose keywork corrected as appropriate
  • Dents addressed as appropriate

Full Re-pad - Restore to new condition as far as possible

  • All pads and key corks replaced
  • All joint corks replaced
  • Springs carefully inspected and replaced as necessary

Service levels are a guide and can be adapted on request. There are many jobs we can do for your instrument, so please bring your instrument in for a tailored quote, or contact us by email on (woodwind repairs only) or (all other instruments).


All prices exclude pads, which are charged extra. An exact quote can be provided after instrument inspection.

Interim ServiceFull ServiceFull Re-Pad
Clarinet – Eb/Bb/A£45.00£105.00£170.00
Clarinet – Alto/Bass£75.00£160.00£300.00
Flute – Alto/Bass£75.00£150.00£250.00
Saxophone – Soprano/Alto/Tenor£80.00£160.00£300.00
Saxophone – Baritone£100.00£210.00£400.00
Student Oboe£45.00£90.00£180.00
Professional Oboe or Cor Anglais£85.00£165.00£290.00

Brass Instruments

Service Levels

Interim Service - A normal service advised every 12-18 months for generally well-maintained instruments.

Full Service - A comprehensive service advised every 5-10 years.


Interim ServiceFull Service
Trumpet (Bb/Db/Eb)£35.00£65.00
Cornet (Bb/Eb)£35.00£65.00
Tenor Horn£35.00£65.00
Baritone Horn£45.00£75.00
Tuba (Eb/Bb)£55.00£100.00
Flugel Horn£35.00£65.00

String Instruments

Fit StringsBridgeClean-upFull set-up
Violin£8.00 + strings£15.00from £10.00£30.00
Viola£8.00 + strings£25.00from £10.00£35.00
Cello£10.00 + strings£40.00from £20.00£65.00
Guitar - any (inc. bass)£10.00 + stringsN/Afrom £10.00N/A
Folk instrument£2 per string + stringsN/Afrom £10.00N/A

Other Guitar Repairs

String replacement£10 + strings

For all other guitar-related repairs, please call 01926 317025.