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Acoustic, Classical and Electric Guitars

Electric guitars on display at Presto MusicWe stock a range of guitars, including classical guitars, acoustic guitars, electric guitars and basses by popular brands such as Godin, Peavey, Revelation, Hofner, Seagull, Simon & Patrick, Tanglewood, Yamaha, Admira and Jose Ferrer. We offer guitars for all musicians, from the complete beginner to the advanced player. For children we offer smaller guitars in half and three-quarter sizes, and we are always happy to offer advice on the best size of guitar for your child.

Classical and Acoustic guitarsAll our guitars are quality checked by an experienced specialist before going on sale. You can be sure that all guitars bought from Presto Music are in the best possible condition, but just in case every instrument is sold with a one-year guarantee against manufacturing faults.

Guitar Strings and Accessories

We hold a full range of guitar accessories, including strings, capos, electronic tuners, cases, stands, straps, plectrums and lots more. We also offer in-store restringing.