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 Favourites, Introducing Edgware by BBICO

EdgwareBBICO (British Band Instrument Company) was originally formed to focus on the supply of military and marching bands in the Middle East and Africa. Over the past ten years, it has expanded into new countries and also into the manufacture of musical instruments and accessories.

One of their newest brands is Edgware, a range of products for woodwind and brass instruments. Edgware maintenance products are suitable for all musicians, regardless of age or ability.

The Edgware range is:

  • Designed and packaged in the UK
  • Free of toxins and petroleums
  • In biodegradable, compostable and recyclable packaging

BBICO knew that as soon as they wanted to launch a range of products with consideration for the environment, that this approach had to apply also to the packaging, and so each element of their packaging is either compostable or recyclable. Edgware therefore resonates with environmentally-conscious musicians across the globe. We spoke to Hannah Williams, brand manager at Edgware, who took us through the benefits and features of their high-quality range of products.


Edgware Oils

Edgware oils are manufactured from natural ingredients, free from toxins, synthetics and petroleums. The regular and key/rotary oils are long-lasting and made from food-grade ingredients, while the viscous vintage valve oil is designed to lubricate older instruments. Made from pure flower oils, the hydrophilic properties of Edgware bore oil allow the wood to breathe whilst moisturising the fibres.

Edgware Greases

Manufactured from natural ingredients, Edgware greases are free from toxins, synthetics and petroleums. The team uses the grease as lip balms in the office, so no need to warn young wind players not to put their grease anywhere near their mouth! The cork grease lubricates and maintains the health of corks on recorders, clarinets, saxophones, and oboes. Omitting petroleum from the formula means that corks won’t dry out so quickly. The slide grease lubricates slides on metal and plastic brass instruments. The greases come in recyclable cardboard tubes.

Edgware Brushes

Built to last, Edgware brushes are made from the highest quality materials. They feature a coating along the stem and on the tip to prevent scratching the instrument. The high-quality mouthpiece brush is suitable for all brass instrument mouthpieces, regardless of the type of instrument, plating, or finish, and the same applies to the valve brushes.

Edgware Cloths

Edgware cloths are made from 100% cotton. The care cloth is lint-free, so returns to ‘good as new’ condition when washed. It is suitable for all instruments, regardless of plating or finish. The polishing cloth is impregnated with a skin-safe chemical solution which removes grease and grime. It leaves an anti-tarnish coating behind to prolong your polishing efforts. It is suitable for all silver-plated brass instruments, and woodwind instruments with silver-plated keys.

Edgware Sprays

Trombone Water

This uniquely formulated spray for trombones has been developed to greatly improve the effectiveness of slide creams. It increases slide speed and prevents corrosion & limescale build-up. The 100ml bottle contains laboratory-grade UV filtered water, with an in-built corrosion inhibitor. The formula is safe for all forms of plating and lacquer finishes. The solution comes in a recyclable 100ml HDPE bottle, which can easily be recycled in the UK.

Sanitiser Spray

The Edgware sanitiser spray is made from 100% natural ingredients, and is free from toxins, synthetics and petroleums. It is also alcohol and fragrance free. It kills 99.9999% of all germs in sixty seconds, with anti-bacterial properties provided by hypochlorous acid, which is produced naturally in the human body. It has been independently laboratory-tested and proven to be effective against a wide range of micro-organisms. It is safe to use on plastic, ebonite and metal mouthpieces for both woodwind and brass instruments, and down the lead-pipes of brass instruments. It can also be used to re-fresh instrument cases and works as a hand sanitiser too!

Brass Soak

This uniquely-formulated soak for brass instruments has been designed to breakdown the biofilm build-up in instrument pipework, notorious for harbouring germs and bacteria. The formula de-greases valves and slides, and freshens with a clean citrus fragrance. This soak also features an anti-static agent, which aids water repellence! Smaller brass instruments require 50ml of solution per soak, dissolved in water, and larger brass instruments require 100ml of solution, dissolved in water. This means that one bottle can soak a trumpet 20 times, or a tuba 10 times! The formula is safe for all forms of plating and lacquer finishes due to its neutral PH.