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Favourites, Plastic Brass instruments from pBone

Loud, shiny and incredibly versatile (you can find them in a symphony orchestra as well as in a jazz band), trumpets, cornets and trombones are fascinating musical instruments that can also be heavy, costly – and easily damaged.

What’s more, they don’t always fit little hands!

That’s why in 2010 our friends at Warwick Music Group created the world’s first plastic trombone, the pBone, and extended their range of pInstruments to trumpets and cornets.

These instruments can create the same sound as a brass instrument but without the cost, the weight or the damage if it is dropped and… they are also available in a whole variety of colours! Click here to view the products we have in stock.


A totally new instrument, the pBuzz is the perfect solution if you would like to give a child a taste of playing a brass instrument before making a more costly commitment. Taking the fun first step into the world of brass playing with the pBuzz can help develop a child’s sensory and fine motor skills, encourage self-expression and stimulate imagination.


The robust and hassle-free beginner trombone. A fun and engaging trombone; it's the world’s best-selling plastic instrument, perfect for beginners and professionals! Available in several colours (red, purple, white, blue, black, green, orange and yellow), the pBone is much lighter (around 4 kilos!) than traditional brass trombones.

pBone mini

A smaller trombone and even lighter than the pBone, the pBone mini is available in red and blue and it’s perfect for little hands. The light weight aids the child’s ability to develop good technique and posture and means their arms won’t get tired as quickly; they can enjoy playing for longer and progress faster! Fantastic value for money, the pBone mini costs around a third of the price of beginner brass trombones. It comes with everything you needs to play straight away.


A robust and hassle-free beginner trumpet available in purple, green, yellow, black, blue, red, white and orange. Perfect for beginners, the pTrumpet has been designed especially for small people and, being made from recyclable ABS plastic, it is much lighter (less than half the weight!) than traditional brass trumpets.

Because the pTrumpet is made from plastic it is extremely durable and strong, and can withstand the inevitable rough treatment it may receive wherever you take it!

Click here to browse the pTrumpets in-stock, usually despatched within 1 working day

pTrumpet hyTech

The high quality & affordable trumpet. A great player experience suitable for beginners and students at any level. Silver, black or gold, the pTrumpet hyTech has been declared Best Teaching Tool for Intermediate Students in the annual School Band & Orchestra Best Tools for Schools Awards. Very responsive and quite amazing, its intonation is spot on too.

"You wouldn't think it was plastic. Really well-made. I could quite easily get away with playing this in a concert hall and no one would know I'm playing a plastic trumpet at the back of the sympony orchestra" - Gareth Small, Hallé Orchestra and London Brass


The lightweight, easy to hold pCornet is the younger sister to the world-renowned pBone and pTrumpet, making it the newest addition to the Plastic Brass family. A fun and engaging cornet experience, perfect for beginners, available in red or blue and ideal for any young players who are too small for the Trumpet or may find the weight of a brass cornet too much.