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Stephen Hough's Dream Album

Stephen Hough (piano)

Childhood memories are summoned, plus people and places…Indeed, there’s so much playfulness and charm here that the listener might well pant for some extra ballast from meatier things. It comes... More…
  • Presto Editor's Choices
    June 2018



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Stephen Hough's Dream Album

Hough: Radetzky Waltz

Love / Hough: Das Alte Lied

Isserlis: In The Steppes, Op. 11 / 2

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Minkus / Hough: Don Quixote - Kitri's Variation

Minkus / Hough: Don Quixote - Dulcinea's Variation

Solovyov-Sedoy / Hough: Moscow Nights

Liszt: Harmonies Du Soir, S 139 / 11

Liszt: Étude In F Minor, S 139 / 10

Albéniz / Hough: Capricho Catalan, Op. 165 / 5

Ponce: Intermezzo #1

Dohnányi: Rhapsody In C, Op. 11 / 3

Sibelius: Kuusi, Op. 75 / 5

Seymer: Solöga, Op. 11 / 3

Chaminade: Pas Des Écharpes

Hough: Niccolo's Waltz

Hough: Osmanthus Romp

Hough: Osmanthus Reverie

Coates: By The Sleepy Lagoon

Tate / Hough: Somewhere A Voice Is Calling

Anon / Hough: Matilda's Rhumba

Hough: Iver-Song, 'Lullaby'

Dvorák: Humoresque In G Flat, Op. 101 / 7

Dvorák / Hough: Songs My Mother Taught Me, Op. 55 / 4

Elgar: Salut D'Amour, Op. 12

Anon / Hough: Blow The Wind Southerly

Hough: Lullaby

Mompou: Scènes D'Enfants - #5 Jeunes Filles Au Jardin

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