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The Exiles Café: Lara Downes

Lara Downes (piano)



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Bartók: 3 Hungarian Folksongs from Csik, BB 45b, Sz. 35a

Work length3:12
  • Lara Downes (piano)

No. 1. Rubato

Track length1:17

No. 2. L'istesso tempo

Track length1:05

No. 3. Poco vivo

Track length0:50

 Excerpt, Chopin: Mazurkas (4), Op. 6

Work length3:31
  • Lara Downes (piano)

Mazurka No. 1 in F sharp minor, Op. 6, No. 1

Track length3:31

Prokofiev: Three Pieces Op. 59

Work length4:58
  • Lara Downes (piano)

3 Pieces, Op. 59: No. 3. Sonatina pastorale

Track length4:58

Martinů: Dumka No. 2 'Elegie'

Work length2:25
  • Lara Downes (piano)

Martinů: Dumka, H. 285bis

Work length1:40
  • Lara Downes (piano)

Stravinsky: Tango

Work length3:02
  • Lara Downes (piano)

Rachmaninov: Prelude in D minor

Work length3:04
  • Lara Downes (piano)

Weill, K: Lost in the Stars (arr. J. Distler for piano)

Work length4:27
  • Lara Downes (piano)

Lost in the Stars, Act I: Lost In The Stars (arr. J. Distler for piano)

Track length4:27

Korngold: Piano Sonata No. 2 in E major, Op. 2

Work length8:48
  • Lara Downes (piano)

Piano Sonata No. 2 in E major, Op. 2: I. Moderato

Track length8:48

Still, W G: Africa (arr. for piano)

Work length6:53
  • Lara Downes (piano)

Africa: II. Land of Romance (arr. for piano)

Track length6:53

Bowles: 6 Preludes

Work length5:58
  • Lara Downes (piano)

No. 1

Track length1:44

No. 2

Track length1:00

No. 3

Track length1:24

No. 6

Track length1:50

Sahl: Tango from Exiles' Cafe

Work length3:48
  • Lara Downes (piano)

Milhaud: Trois Rag Caprices, Op. 78

Work length1:50
  • Lara Downes (piano)

3 Rag Caprices, Op. 78: No. 2. Romance (version for piano solo)

Track length1:50

Rachmaninov: Fragments

Work length2:03
  • Lara Downes (piano)

 Excerpt, Chopin: Mazurkas (4), Op. 68

Work length2:12
  • Lara Downes (piano)

Mazurka No. 49 in F minor, Op. 68, No. 4

Track length2:12

Fairouz: Piano Miniature No. 6 'Addio'

Work length2:18
  • Lara Downes (piano)