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Latest News: Jazz, Columbia (label)

 Classic Recordings, Trio of Doom

by Joshua Lee

Jaco Pastorius, Tony Williams and John McLaughlin's incredibly short-lived collaboration, Trio of Doom, was almost too good to be true. The sole commercial recording of this trio of amazing musicians makes for both a great listen and an intriguing snapshot of a week in each player's lives.

 Classic Recordings, Miles Davis - In a Silent Way

by Joshua Lee

Josh revisits Miles Davis's pivotal recording In a Silent Way, quieter little brother to the following year's Bitches Brew.

 Classic Recordings, Herbie Hancock - Thrust

by Matt Groom

Herbie Hancock's Thrust is a jazz-funk tour de force that saw the keyboard whiz-kid experimenting with new gear and an exciting new drummer.

 Classic Recordings, Miles Davis - Milestones

by Matt Groom

One of the pinnacles of hard-bop, Milestones showcases some of the finest musicians at work in the fifties - John Coltrane, Julian `Cannonball' Adderley, Red Garland, Paul Chambers, and Jo Jones, as well as Miles Davis's first steps into modal jazz.

 Classic Recordings, Ellington at Newport 1956

by Matt Groom

Let us journey back to the Newport Jazz Festival in 1956, to witness a demoralised Ellington Band find its mojo in realtime, thanks to a storming Paul Gonsalves solo that runs for 27 choruses, and caused a mini-riot.