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 New,  Offer,The Passinge mesures

Music of the English virginalists

Mahan Esfahani (harpsichord)

Esfahani’s playing is colourful and magnetic, the fingerwork in the more virtuoso works absolutely clean and articulate. The mean-tone tuning gives the accidentals and chromatic outliers in the... More…
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    Christmas 2018
    Instrumental Choice


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Tomkins: Barafostus Dreame

Dowland: Can she excuse my wrongs? (First Booke of Songes, 1597)

Gibbons, O: Pavin, 'M. Orlando Gibbons'

Gibbons, O: The Woods So Wild

Farnaby, G: Fantasia

Byrd: The Nynth Pavian & Galliarde, the Passinge Mesures

1. Pavian

2. Galliarde

Farnaby, G: Nobodyes Gigge

Bull, J: Chromatic Pavan & Galliard

1. Pavan

2. Galliard

Byrd: Ut re mi fa sol la

anon.: The Scottish gigg

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Tomkins: Pavana

Farnaby, G: Wooddy-Cock

Farnaby, G: Tell Mee, Daphne

Farnaby, G: Why Aske You

Bull, J: Fantasia 'Mr Dr Bull'

Inglott: The Leaves bee greene

anon.: Variations on the Romanesca

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