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 Offer,Owain Park: Choral Works

Trinity College Choir Cambridge, Stephen Layton

One feature of his music is its wide range of historical reference…clothed in Park’s own musical language, which is contemporary in orientation but with resonant harmony which falls easily on... More…


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Park: The wings of the wind

Park: Upheld by stillness

Park: Trinity Fauxbourdons

I. Magnificat

II. Nunc Dimittis

Park: Above the stars my Saviour dwells

Park: Phos hilaron

Park: Ave Maris Stella

Park: Judas mercator pessimus

Park: Justorum animae

Park: Beati quorum via

Park: Caelos ascendit hodie

Park: For the fallen

Park: The Lord's Prayer

Park: I wonder as I wander

Park: The spirit breathes