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JS Bach: The Art of Fugue

 Offer,JS Bach: The Art of Fugue

Angela Hewitt (piano)

The instrument is radiantly captured by Hyperion's engineers; indeed, for sheer beauty of sound, this version is unparalleled...Hewitt spins a lyrical cantabile throughout, every line eloquently... More…

2 CDs

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Bach, J S: The Art of Fugue, BWV1080

01. Contrapunctus I

02. Contrapunctus II

03. Contrapunctus III

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04. Contrapunctus IV

05. Contrapunctus V

06. Contrapunctus VI In Stylo Francese

07. Contrapunctus VII Per Augmentationem & Diminutionem

08. Contrapunctus VIII

09. Contrapunctus IX Alla Duodecima

10. Contrapunctus X Alla Decima

11. Contrapunctus XI

12. Contrapunctus XII Rectus

13. Contrapunctus XII Inversus

14. Contrapunctus XIII Rectus

15. Contrapunctus XIII Inversus

16. Canon Per Augmentationem In Contrario Motu

17. Canon Alla Ottava

18. Canon Alla Decima In Contrapunto Alla Terza

19. Canon Alla Duodecima In Contrapunto Alla Quinta

20. Contrapunctus XIV (Fuga A 3 Soggetti)

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Bach, J S: Wenn wir in höchsten Nöten sein, BWV668a

'Vor Deinen Thron Tret Ich'