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 Offer,Wagner: Die Walkure: Act 2

Kirsten Flagstad (Brünnhilde), Friedrich Schorr (Wotan), Lotte Lehmann (Sieglinde), Kathryn Meisle (Fricka), Lauritz Melchior (Siegmund), Emmanuel List (Hunding)

Orchestra of the San Francisco Opera, Fritz Reiner

this 1936 live broadcast is still thrilling, with Reiner’s eloquent conducting and a cast to dream of: Friedrich Schorr’s dark, incisive Wotan, Lauritz Melchior’s Siegmund and Lotte Lehmann’s... More…


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Wagner: Die Walküre

Work length1:14:14
  • Friedrich Schorr (bass-baritone), Emanuel List (bass), Kathryn Meisle (contralto), Kirsten Flagstad (soprano), Lotte Lehmann (soprano), Lauritz Melchior (tenor)
  • San Francisco Opera
  • Fritz Reiner
  • Recorded: 13 November 1936
  • Recording Venue: Live Broadcast, San Francisco Opera, United States

Network Opening Announcement

Track length1:05

Introductory Remarks - Marcia Davenport

Track length5:29

Act II Scene 1: Prelude

Track length1:48

Act II Scene 1: Nun zaume dein Ross (Wotan)

Track length0:26

Act II Scene 1: Hojo to ho! Hojo to jo! Hei a ha! (Brunnhilde)

Track length2:02

Act II Scene 1: Der alte Sturm, die alte Muh! (Wotan)

Track length3:18

Act II Scene 1: Heut' hast du's erlebt! (Wotan)

Track length0:57

Act II Scene 1: So ist es denn aus (Fricka)

Track length2:45

Act II Scene 1: Was verlangst du? (Wotan)

Track length2:28

Act II Scene 1: Deiner ew'gen Gattin heilige Ehre (Fricka)

Track length2:40

Act II Scene 2: Schlimm, furcht' ich, schloss der Streit (Brunnhilde)

Track length5:17

Act II Scene 2: Als junger Liebe Lust mir verblich (Wotan)

Track length4:58

Act II Scene 2: Ein andres ist's (Wotan, Brunnhilde)

Track length4:23

Act II Scene 2: O sag, Kunde! (Brunnhilde)

Track length1:25

Act II Scene 2: Ha Freche du! (Wotan)

Track length1:43

Act II Scene 2: So sah ich Siegvater nie (Brunnhilde)

Track length3:43

Act II Scene 3: Raste nun hier, gonne dir Ruh! (Siegmund)

Track length2:26

Act II Scene 3: Hinweg! Hinweg! (Sieglinde)

Track length3:00

Act II Scene 3: Horch, die Horner! (Sieglinde)

Track length5:47

Act II Scene 4: Siegmund! Sieh auf mich! (Brunnhilde)

Track length2:23

Act II Scene 4: Der dir nun folgt (Siegmund)

Track length5:49

Act II Scene 4: Ich sehe die Not (Brunnhilde)

Track length1:12

Act II Scene 4: Halt ien, Walsung! (Brunnhilde)

Track length1:42

Act II Scene 5: Zauberfest bezahmt ein Schlaf (Siegmund)

Track length2:32

Act II Scene 5: Der dort mich ruft (Siegmund)

Track length1:28

Act II Scene 5: Wehwalt! Wehwalt! (Hunding)

Track length2:10

Act II Scene 5: Geh' hin, Knecht! (Wotan)

Track length0:32

Closing Remarks, Network Announcement

Track length0:46