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The Power of Love

 Offer,The Power of Love

An English Songbook

Alice Coote (mezzo-soprano) & Graham Johnson (piano)

[Victorian parlour repertoire] proves both admirably suited to her distinctively creamy yet expressive voice, and occasionally revelatory...The well-structured programme concludes with Holst's... More…


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The Power Of Love - An English Songbook

Molloy: Love's Old Sweet Song

White (M): So We'll Go No More A-Roving

White (M): The Spring Has Come

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White (M): The Devout Lover

Elgar: Speak, Music, Op. 41 / 2

Elgar: Pleading, Op. 48 / 1

Lehmann: Ah, Moon Of My Delight

Lehmann: Love, If You Knew The Light

Vaughan Williams: The House Of Life - #2 Silent Noon

Peel: Almond, Wild Almond

Peel: The Country Lover - #4 The Early Morning

Quilter: There Be None Of Beauty's Daughters, Op. 24 / 1

Quilter: Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal, Op. 3 / 2

Quilter: Love's Philosophy, Op. 3 / 1

Grainger: The Power Of Love

Gibbs: Hypochondriacus

Lehmann: Pa's Bank

Gibbs: A Song Of Shadows, Op. 15 / 3

Warlock: Take, O Take Those Lips Away

Warlock: 3 Belloc Songs - #2 The Night

Warlock: Queen Anne

Moeran: In Youth Is Pleasure

Gurney: Goodnight To The Meadow

Gurney: The Boat Is Chafing

Gurney: Lights Out - #4 Lights Out

Holst: 12 Songs, H 174 - #09 Journey's End

Holst: 12 Songs, H 174 - #12 Betelgeuse

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