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 Offer,Barber - The Songs

Cheryl Studer (soprano), Thomas Hampson (baritone), John Browning (piano)

Emerson String Quartet

2 Presto CDs

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Barber: Songs

Work length20:40
  • Cheryl Studer (soprano), Thomas Hampson (baritone), John Browning (piano)

A Slumber Song Of The Madonna - Moderato

Track length2:01

There's Nae Lark - Moderato

Track length1:43

Love At The Door - Allegro

Track length1:26

Serenades - Andante con moto

Track length2:16

Love's Caution - Moderato

Track length2:56

Night Wanderers

Track length3:02

Of That So Sweet Imprisonment - Con moto

Track length2:10

Strings In The Earth And Air - Moderato

Track length1:18

Beggar's Song - Andante-Allegro moderato

Track length2:02

In The Dark Pinewood - Moderato

Track length1:46

Barber: Three Songs, Op. 2

Work length5:36
  • Thomas Hampson (baritone), John Browning (piano)

No.1 The Daisies - Allegretto con grazie

Track length1:20

No.2 With Rue My Heart Is Laden - Andante cantabile

Track length1:28

No.3 Bessie Bobtail - Andante un poco mosso - Adagio

Track length2:48

Barber: Three Songs, Op. 10

Work length9:18
  • Thomas Hampson (baritone), John Browning (piano)

No.1 Rain Has Fallen - Moderato

Track length3:02

No.2 Sleep Now - Andante tranquillo

Track length3:34

No.3 I Hear An Army - Allegro con fuoco

Track length2:42

Barber: Four Songs, Op. 13

Work length9:22
  • Cheryl Studer (soprano), John Browning (piano)

No.1 A Nun Takes The Veil - Broad and sustained

Track length1:42

No.2 The Secrets Of The Old - Allegro giocoso

Track length1:08

No.3 Sure On This Shining Night - Andante

Track length2:30

No.4 Nocturne - Andante,un poco mosso

Track length4:02

Barber: Dover Beach, Op. 3

Work length8:12
  • Thomas Hampson (baritone), Emerson String Quartet (string quartet)

Barber: Two Songs Op. 18

Work length3:12
  • Cheryl Studer (soprano), John Browning (piano)

The Queen's Face On The Summery Coin -Andante con moto

Track length2:00

Monks And Raisins - Allegro

Track length1:12

Barber: Nuvoletta, Op. 25

Work length5:08
  • Cheryl Studer (soprano), John Browning (piano)

Barber: Mélodies passagères (5), Op. 27

Work length9:14
  • Thomas Hampson (baritone), John Browning (piano)

No.1 Puisque tout passe - Moderato

Track length1:35

No.2 Un cygne - Moderato

Track length2:22

No.3 Tombeau dans un parc - Lento e sereno

Track length1:56

No.4 Le clocher chante - Non troppo allegro

Track length1:23

No.5 Depart

Track length1:58

Barber: Hermit Songs, Op. 29

Work length18:19
  • Cheryl Studer (soprano), John Browning (piano)

1. At Saint Patrick's Purgatory

Track length1:30

2. Church Bell at Night

Track length0:54

3. St. Ita's Vision

Track length3:15

4. The Heavenly Banquet

Track length1:12

5. The Crucifixion

Track length2:25

6. Sea-Snatch

Track length0:40

7. Promiscuity

Track length0:58

8. The Monk and His Cat

Track length2:40

9. The Praises of God

Track length0:56

10. The Desire for Hermitage

Track length3:49

Barber: Despite and Still, Op. 41

Work length11:00
  • Thomas Hampson (baritone), John Browning (piano)

No.1 A Last Song - Moderato

Track length2:32

No.2 My Lizard - Fast and light

Track length1:04

No.3 In The Wilderness - Flowing

Track length3:21

No.4 Solitary Hotel - Like a rather fast tango in 2

Track length2:39

No.5 Despite and Still - Fast and darkly impassioned

Track length1:24

Barber: Three Songs, Op. 45

Work length9:02
  • Thomas Hampson (baritone), John Browning (piano)

No.1 Now I Have Fed And Eaten Up The Rose - Moderato

Track length2:36

No.2 A Green Lowland Of Pianos - Allegretto con grazia

Track length2:09

No.3 O Boundless,Boundless Evening - Tranquillo,un poco

Track length4:17