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The Label of the Tallis Scholars.

Gimell Records was founded in 1980 by producer Steve C Smith and Peter Phillips, to record The Tallis Scholars. Their catalogue can be said to have performed a pioneering role in the re-appraisal of unaccompanied sacred choral music of the 15th and 16th centuries.

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Interview, Peter Phillips on Josquin and Bauldeweyn

Peter Phillips discusses the penultimate volume in the Tallis Scholars's unprecedented complete set of Josquin Masses, which pairs Josquin's late Missa Mater Patris with the disputed Missa Da pacem.

Recording of the Week, The Tallis Scholars perform two Masses by Josquin

David listens to the Tallis Scholars' new double-bill of Josquin masses, including the mysterious and unorthodox 'Dice Mass'.

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