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Channel Classics Records is a quality record label based in Holland. Director, producer and recording engineer is C. Jared Sacks. Having grown up in Boston Massachusetts, schooled at Oberlin Conservatory and the Amsterdam Conservatory of music with 15 years experience playing French Horn, Jared decided to make his hobby of recording a profession in 1987. The label started in 1990 with the name Channel Classics coming from the street he lived on in Amsterdam. (Kanaalstraat).

Jared and his Dutch wife Lydi Groenewegen together with a group of assistants work closely with distributors in 38 countries to promote the artists through the CD’s.

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 Recording of the Week, Beethoven violin sonatas from Rachel Podger and Christopher Glynn

Three snapshots from the beginning, middle and end of Beethoven's career trace his development of the violin sonata form from its Classical roots into new directions.

 Recording of the Week, A Mozart postscript from Rachel Podger

Rachel Podger and Christopher Glynn bring to life a selection of musicologist Timothy Jones’s thoughtful completions of fragmentary Mozart works, offering a variety of plausible perspectives on what might have been.

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