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Donald Reid Womack (Composer)

Born: 18th March 1966, Virginia, United States

Nationality: American

Donald Reid Womack is a composer of contemporary classical music. He was born in Virginia, raised in East Tennessee and studied at Furman University and Northwestern University, receiving degrees in philosophy, music theory, and music composition.

He has composed approximately 100 works for orchestra, chamber ensembles, solo instruments, and voice. Major works include a concerto for shakuhachi, koto and orchestra (After), two gayageum concertos (Scattered Rhythms and 무노리 Mu Nori), a haegeum concerto (Dancing With Spirits 혼무), a violin concerto (In questi tempi di Conflitto), a viola concerto (Blue Ridge Seasons), an oratorio for chorus and chamber orchestra (Voices of Kalaupapa), and a triple concerto for shakuhachi, biwa and koto with ensemble of Japanese instruments (Three Trees 三木).

Womack's influences meld a broad range of sources, including post-minimalism, rock, bluegrass, and especially intercultural elements — in particular East Asian instruments.

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