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Downloads - Troubleshooting

If my connection goes down while I'm downloading can I try again?

Yes; all the tracks you have purchased will be available to redownload from your Account page (so even if you accidentally delete a track, you will be able to replace it without having to place a second order!).

If my hard disk fails or I lose my purchased files for another reason, can I retrieve them?

Yes. They will be available from your user page for some time after you purchased them. How long will depend on the record label who supplied them.

Tip: To prevent this - and worse things - happening, it's a good idea to make regular backups of your data!

Why isn't the album I want available in my country?

Some record labels impose restrictions on which countries and territories their downloads are available in - these are often due to an issue with the rights to the recording. If restrictions are in place, we can't override/ignore them. However, occasionally the wrong restrictions are applied to an album, and pointing this out to the supplier results in some or all of them being removed - so feel free to get in touch if you think an album should be available where you are.

I'm using a Mac. How do I open a ZIP file?

The Mac operating system has a built-in utility to extract ZIP archives. Just double-click the ZIP archive and it should automatically extract to a new folder. If it doesn't, you might find question 7 helpful!

I'm using Windows. How do I open a ZIP file?

Windows has its own unzipping utility. When the ZIP archive has downloaded (into your Downloads folder, though the exact location will vary depending on which version of Windows you are running), simply right-click on it and select "Open with", then "Windows Explorer". Alternatively, if you prefer, there are numerous programs available that will do this - WinZip (not free after 30 days) and PeaZip are just two.

How do I store the files after unzipping them?

Once you have unzipped the files, simply copy and paste them to wherever you prefer to store your music.

The "cpgz" problem with ZIP files on Macs.

Mac OS sometimes has difficulty with ZIP archives. If it turns your ZIP into a "cpgz" file and refuses to extract it properly, then in essence it has mis-identified the file and is trying to compress it! There are two possible solutions to this problem:

  1. Download and use a different (free) unzipping program like TheUnArchiver, StuffIt Expander or Springy to open the ZIP file. Or:
  2. Extract the cpgz file, change its extension to .zip, and use the normal procedure to open it.

My computer says the file name of my ZIP file is too long!

Many extraction utilities have difficulty with file paths longer than 260 characters (including all the folders, eg C:/Users/Name/etc...

We ensure that our file paths – including both the filename itself and its folders – don't exceed 199 characters, so if you're having difficulty with a file path's length then it may be that you're trying to unzip it in a location that exceeds the remaining 60 characters (for example, if your username on your computer is exceptionally long).

The easiest solution is simply to move the downloaded folder elsewhere – perhaps on your desktop for ease in locating it – and unzipping it there, before then moving it into your normal music library.

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