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Other FAQs

I'm an artist; would you be interested in releasing my recordings?

Our in-house record label 'Presto CDs' is solely for the re-release of otherwise deleted recordings, so we don't sign artists or release new material - you'll need to contact an appropriate record-label directly.

Please note that we can not review or otherwise comment on unsolicited demo files or tapes, or liaise with record labels or their distributors or representatives on behalf of unsigned artists or undistributed labels. We strongly advise you to contact your agent or the company in question directly.

I have ordered some sheet music from you. Can you scan it in and email it to me while I wait for my order to arrive?

We're not able to do this - for the simple reason that it's against the law! Photocopying music is illegal. Some publishers may authorise photocopies in exceptional circumstances but their permission has to be gained first, otherwise it remains illegal.

The item I want is only showing as a download, but I would like the CD.

Some record labels discontinue the physical versions of older or less popular albums, leaving only the download version available. While this can seem irritating, it's worth bearing in mind that without downloads, these albums would probably have been deleted entirely!

Conversely, some record labels only release their albums digitally - there is a growing number of small, independent digital-only labels, and their releases won't be available on disc.

If you would like to buy an album that's showing as download-only, you'll need to go through our normal download purchase process. If you prefer to have your music on physical discs rather than just as files on a drive, you can then burn a CD of the files once you've downloaded them.

Do you have a recording of a particular artist or work?

We have comprehensive listings of artists and works by composer; alternatively you can enter any combination of search terms in the Search box at the top of the website.

If you've had a good look through our site but you're still having difficulty finding the recording you're after, then contact us and we will be happy to help.

Can you recommend a recording of a particular work?

Our product listings include a wide range of reviews and recommendations from various respected musical publications and sources - Gramophone Magazine, the Penguin Guide, BBC Radio 3 and many more. Where an album has won an award or been singled out for some other special mention, this is mentioned on the page for that album (awards, for example, are listed immediately underneath the album's picture).

If you're still not sure which recording to go for then by all means contact us - but do be aware that our individual preferences are subjective!

I heard a performance and would really like a recording; can you persuade someone to release it?

This is very unlikely indeed. Record labels, both the big companies and the smaller independent ones, universally set their own agenda; the same is true of the artists themselves. We don't have any leverage over them.

Can you give me contact details for a particular artist?

This isn't something we can do. We don't have any direct relationship with the artists whose music we sell. If you need to contact an artist, you're probably best off starting by contacting their agent.

Can you review this CD/interview this artist?

By all means bring a CD or artist to our attention, but please be aware that we have extremely limited review-space and can usually only grant interviews to artists/composers who are already well established.

The recording I want has been discontinued; can you obtain a second-hand copy?

We don't sell second-hand CDs. If a recording has been discontinued in physical form it's possible that it still exists as a download (in which case you could burn a CD of the download files).

You may also be interested to know that we've recently begun manufacturing selected discontinued CDs ourselves, under licence from the original record labels - you can read all about this our 'Presto CD' project and browse available titles here.

I've heard rumours about a future release; can you confirm?

Once we know that a release is definitely coming out, we'll add it to the New & Future Releases section of our website, and you can then pre-order it. If there's a specific album you've heard rumours of, then please contact us with as much detail as you can and we'll look into it - "I've heard there might be a new Beethoven box on the way..." isn't much use, for example!

Why don't you offer discs by a particular label?

It may be that they have no distribution in the UK, but if you can provide us with some details we'd be happy to look into it.

I'm an artist and would like you to add this review to the listing for a product.

We can do this - please note that we only use English-language content (translations are fine, but we ask you to supply these yourself) and usually only include three or four lines of text rather than entire reviews.

I've spotted a mistake in a product listing.

We try to ensure that all the information on our website is accurate, but occasionally mistakes do slip through the net; if you spot one, please let us know and we'll rectify it as quickly as we can.

Do you sell sheet music downloads?

We don't currently offer this. We are looking into the options for doing so in the future, but for the time being we have no immediate plans to offer sheet music for download.

Why does a particular performer not have a listing on your artist page?

In general we only maintain dedicated listings for the most famous/well-known artists - the number of performers, conductors etc out there is so wonderfully huge that it would be an impossible task to do this for everyone!

I disagree with a review posted on your site.

Our reviews, newsletters and staff recommendations are purely subjective and reflect our own musical tastes; you're obviously welcome to disagree, but we're not claiming to be the final authority on anything!

However, if there's something factually wrong in the description of a product, please let us know and we'll fix it as quickly as we can. Please note that we don't write all the sales notes/product details ourselves; we are supplied these by the record labels. So if there's a problem with what they've written then it's probably better to contact the label directly. If you need contact details for a label, we may be able to supply these - please ask.

Can you give me permission to use the cover of an album?

We don't own the copyright on these images, so we can't grant permission for their use. Your best move is to contact the record label in question directly.

Can you give me permission to use recorded music for my event/ceremony?

As with the images (see above), we don't own the copyright on the recordings so this isn't our decision to make. If you're in the UK, the Performing Rights Society (PRS) would be a good first port of call; they handle licences for the public use of recorded music.

I'm a journalist. Can you send me a press copy of a CD to review?

As a retailer, we cannot supply press-copies. Please approach the label in question directly.

Can you reissue LPs as Presto CDs?

We have only a limited degree of control over which albums are released to us for manufacture as Presto CDs, so unfortunately this is very unlikely at the moment.

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