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Offer,André Navarra: Prague Recordings

André Navarra (cello) & Josef Suk (violin)

Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Karel Ancerl

5 CDs

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Brahms: Double Concerto for Violin & Cello in A minor, Op. 102

Work length32:42
  • André Navarra

I. Allegro

Track length16:40

II. Andante

Track length7:11

III. Vivace non troppo

Track length8:51

Schumann: Cello Concerto in A minor, Op. 129

Work length25:33
  • André Navarra

I. Nicht zu schnell

Track length11:45

II. Langsam

Track length4:08

III. Sehr lebhaft

Track length9:40

Bloch, E: Schelomo

Work length22:15
  • André Navarra

Respighi: Adagio con variazioni

Work length10:15
  • André Navarra

Prokofiev: Sinfonia Concertante in E minor for cello & orchestra, Op. 125

Work length37:52
  • André Navarra

I. Andante

Track length10:35

II. Allegro giusto

Track length17:20

III. Andante con moto

Track length9:57

Martinů: Concertino for Cello, Brass, Piano and Battery, H. 143: I. Allegro-Moderato-Andante-Allegro

Work length13:39
  • André Navarra

Ibert: Concerto for Cello & Wind Instruments

Work length12:50
  • André Navarra

I. Pastorale

Track length3:21

II. Romance

Track length4:35

III. Gigue

Track length4:54

Lalo: Cello Concerto in D minor

Work length24:45
  • André Navarra

I. Prélude. Lento-Allegro maestoso

Track length11:57

II. Intermezzo: Andantino con moto-Allegro presto-Andantino-Allegro presto

Track length6:05

III. Introduzione: Andante-Allegro vivace

Track length6:43

Brahms: Cello Sonata No. 1 In E Minor, Op. 38

Work length26:02
  • André Navarra

I. Allegro non troppo

Track length12:28

II. Allegretto quasi menuetto

Track length6:49

III. Allegro

Track length6:45

Brahms: Cello Sonata No. 2 in F major, Op. 99

Work length25:31
  • André Navarra

I. Allegro vivace

Track length7:01

II. Adagio affetuoso

Track length7:16

III. Allegro passionato

Track length6:27

IV. Allegro molto

Track length4:47

Kodály: Duo for Violin and Cello, Op. 7

Work length26:00
  • André Navarra

I. Allegro serioso, non troppo

Track length9:03

II. Adagio

Track length8:51

III. Maestoso e largamente, ma non troppo lento. Presto

Track length8:06

Honegger: Sonatina for Violin and Cello, H 80

Work length15:12
  • André Navarra

I. Allegro

Track length4:47

II. Andante - Doppio movimento - Tempo I.

Track length6:01

III. Allegro

Track length4:24

Martinů: Duo for Violin and Cello No. 1, H. 157

Work length11:43
  • André Navarra

I. Preludium. Andante moderato

Track length4:00

II. Rondo. Allegro con brio

Track length7:43

Martinů: Duo for Cello and Violin No. 2, H. 371

Work length12:41
  • André Navarra

I. Allegretto

Track length3:05

II. Adagio

Track length6:05

III. Poco allegro

Track length3:31

Prokofiev: Cello Sonata in C major, Op. 119

Work length24:13
  • André Navarra

I. Andante grave

Track length11:27

II. Moderato

Track length4:48

III. Allegro ma non troppo

Track length7:58

Beethoven: Cello Sonata No. 3 in A major, Op. 69

Work length25:56
  • André Navarra

I. Allegro ma non tanto

Track length12:36

II. Scherzo. Allegro molto

Track length5:51

III. Adagio cantabile. Allegro vivace

Track length7:29

Hervelois: Suite for Cello and Piano No. 2

Work length11:24
  • André Navarra

I. Prélude

Track length3:50

II. Tambourin

Track length1:18

III. Musette

Track length1:29

IV. Plainte

Track length3:13

V. Gigue

Track length1:34

Boccherini: Sonata for Cello and Piano No. 3 in G Major

Work length10:20
  • André Navarra

I. Largo

Track length3:39

II. Allegro alla militaire

Track length3:25

III. Minuetto

Track length3:16

Ravel: Habanera (Vocalise-étude en forme de Habanera)

Work length2:37
  • André Navarra