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Dallapiccola: Il prigioniero (The Prisoner)

William Ferguson (Priest), Sidney Outlaw (Priest), The Collegiate Chorale (chorus), Peter Hoare (The Jailer/Grand Inquisitor), Patricia Racette (The Mother), Gerald Finley (The Prisoner)

New York Philharmonic, Alan Gilbert

No digital booklet included


 Excerpt, Dallapiccola: Il prigioniero (The Prisoner)

Work length50:16
Album only
Album only
  • William Ferguson, Sidney Outlaw, The Collegiate Chorale, Peter Hoare, Patricia Racette, Gerald Finley
  • New York Philharmonic
  • Alan Gilbert

I. Prologue and 1st Choral Intermezzo

Track length8:40

II. Scene One

Track length6:36

III. Scene Two

Track length15:15
Album only
Album only

IV. Scene Three

Track length11:20

V. Second Choral Intermezzo

Track length1:56

VI. Scene Four

Track length6:29