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Bull - Lawes - Simpson - Locke - Purcell: Consort Music




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Bull, J: A Battle and no battle

Work length7:52
  • Battalia

A Battle and no Battle, "Phrygian music", "The ground for a second player"

Track length7:52

Lawes, W: Fantasia Suite in G minor

Work length10:04
  • Battalia

I. Fantazia

Track length4:56

II. Almaine

Track length2:18

III. Galliard

Track length2:50

Simpson, C: The Division-Violist

Work length5:50
  • Battalia


Track length0:57


Track length4:53

Locke: The Broken Consort, Pt. 1, Suite No. 4 in C Major

Work length7:06
  • Battalia

I. Fantazie

Track length1:57

II. Courante

Track length1:09

III. Ayre

Track length2:40

IV. Saraband

Track length1:20

anon.: The Division Violin: Pauls Steeple or the Duke of Norfolk

Work length3:29
  • Battalia

Wilson, John: Fantazia No. 26

Work length3:10
  • Battalia

Wilson, John: Fantazia No. 27

Work length2:05
  • Battalia

Lawes, W: Fantasia Suite No. 2 in G major

Work length10:30
  • Battalia

I. Fantazia

Track length4:56

II. Almaine

Track length2:20

III. Galliard

Track length3:14

Purcell: Prophetess or The History of Dioclesian, Z627

Work length3:31
  • Battalia

The Prophetess, or The History of Dioclesian, Z. 527: Chaconne, "Two in One Upon a Ground"

Track length3:31

Excerpt, Baltzar: The Division Violin

Work length8:22
  • Battalia

The Division Violin: A Prelude for the Violin

Track length2:10

The Division Violin: John, come kiss me now

Track length6:12

Purcell: Trio Sonata in G Minor, Z807 (from Ten Sonatas in Four Parts)

Work length7:29
  • Battalia

10 Sonatas in 4 Parts: Trio Sonata No. 6 in G Minor, Z. 807: Chacony

Track length7:29