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Leon Kirchner: Orchestral Works

including historic performances and recordings

Leon Kirchner (piano), Diana Hoagland (soprano), Alexander Heller (bassoon), Allan Vogel (oboe), Allen Beard (percussion), James Buswell (violin), Laurence Lesser (cello), Lorin Hollander (celeste), Nobuko Imai (viola), Paul Dunkel (flute), Richard Stoltzman (clarinet), Robert Routch (horn)


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Kirchner, L: Music for Orchestra

Work length11:19
  • The Former Harvard Chamber Orchestra
  • Leon Kirchner
  • Recorded: 20 July 1992
  • Recording Venue: Sander Theater, Harvard University

Kirchner, L: Lily

Work length22:36
Album only
Album only
  • Allan Vogel, Alexander Heller, Allen Beard, Richard Stoltzman, Robert Routch, Laurence Lesser, James Buswell, Diana Hoagland, Paul Dunkel, Mobuko Imai
  • Leon Kirchner
  • Recorded: 20 August 1973
  • Recording Venue: Columbia Studios, New York

Kirchner, L: Piano Concerto No. 1

Work length30:16
  • New York Philharmonic Society Orchestra, Leon Kircher
  • Dimitri Mitropoulos
  • Recorded: 24 February 1956
  • Recording Venue: Columbia Studios, New York


Track length10:50


Track length10:05


Track length9:21