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Mr Tomkins his Lessons of Worthe

Bertrand Cuiller (harpsichord)

This is an ingenious programme, ordered by keys and instruments. All the pieces are selected by Thomas Tomkins's list of 'Lessons of Worthe' - and his endorsement is worthy of respect...A 58-minute... More…



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Bull, J: Chromatic Pavan, "Queen Elizabeth's", MB 87

Work length6:06
  • Bertrand Cuiller

Bull, J: Chromatic Galliard

Work length2:57
  • Bertrand Cuiller

Tomkins: Offertory

Work length12:07
  • Bertrand Cuiller

Tomkins: Robin Hood

Work length5:15
  • Bertrand Cuiller

Byrd: Pavan "Sir William Petre"

Work length5:27
  • Bertrand Cuiller

Byrd: Galliard 'Sir William Petre'

Work length1:54
  • Bertrand Cuiller

Tallis: Felix Namque

Work length10:26
  • Bertrand Cuiller

Tomkins: Ut, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La - For A Beginner

Work length1:03
  • Bertrand Cuiller

Bull, J: In Nomine (Gloria Tibi Trinitas - The First)

Work length3:52
  • Bertrand Cuiller

Tomkins: Ground, MB 40

Work length3:53
  • Bertrand Cuiller

Bull, J: Fantasia, MB 11

Work length4:59
  • Bertrand Cuiller