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magnus magister Perotinus (Composer)

Born: c. 1160, Paris, France

Died: c. 1236, France

Nationality: French

Pérotin was a composer from around the late 12th century, associated with the Notre Dame school of polyphony in Paris and the ars antiqua musical style.

The only information on his life with any degree of certainty comes from late 13th century writers, including an English student known as Anonymous IV who names seven titles from a Magnus Liber (including Viderunt omnes, Sederunt principes and Alleluia Nativitas) that have been identified with surviving works. The title Magister Perotinus means that he was licensed to teach. It is assumed that Perotinus was French and named Pérotin, a diminutive of Peter, but attempts to match him with persons in contemporary documents remain speculative.

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