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 Presto Music Classical Podcast, Episode 30: Music from the Golden Age of Hollywood with John Wilson

by James Longstaffe

James is joined by conductor John Wilson for a look back at some of his recordings with Sinfonia of London, followed by an in-depth chat about their latest album of Golden Age film music, Hollywood Soundstage.

 Presto Music Classical Podcast, Episode 29: Eine kleine Havanamusik with Sarah Willis

by David Smith

Horn-player Sarah Willis discusses the second of her Cuban-inspired albums, and the connections between Mozart and Latin American dance.

 Presto Music Classical Podcast, Episode 28: Karel Ančerl Live with Rob Cowan and Matouš Vlčinský

by Paul Thomas

The live recordings by the great Czech conductor Karel Ančerl, and Bohemian musical culture are explored by Rob Cowan and Matouš Vlčinský from Supraphon records.

 Presto Music Classical Podcast, Episode 27: A Life in Notes - The Art of Music Biography

by Paul Thomas

This week three eminent music biographers join Paul for a round-table discussion on the art of writing a music biography.

 Presto Music Classical Podcast, Episode 26: On the Fiddle with Charlotte Gardner

by Paul Thomas

This week we are joined by writer Charlotte Gardner to discuss changing styles of violin-playing over the past hundred years.

 Presto Music Classical Podcast, Episode 25: The Story of Presto Music with Chris O'Reilly

by Paul Thomas

To celebrate Presto Music's double anniversary we invited our very own Chris O'Reilly onto the show to talk about how it grew from a small CD shop in Leamington Spa to become one of the global leaders in online music retail.

 Presto Music Classical Podcast, Episode 24: On Song with The Hermes Experiment

by Paul Thomas

Paul meets the members of The Hermes Experiment, one of the UK's most innovative contemporary music groups, in the week that their second album is released on Delphian Records.

 Presto Music Classical Podcast, Episode 23: Wilhelm Furtwängler with Rob Cowan & David Hurwitz

by Paul Thomas

Rob Cowan and David Hurwitz join Paul to discuss the merits of Warner's recent 55 disc boxset devoted to the recordings of the iconic German conductor, Wilhelm Furtwängler.

 Presto Music Classical Podcast, Episode 22: Musicological Musings with Daniel Elphick

by Paul Thomas

Musicologists - who are they, what do they want, and who keeps feeding 'em? Paul gets to the nub of all of these questions with the help of Daniel Elphick.

 Presto Music Classical Podcast, Episode 21: A Great Dane - Andrew Mellor on Carl Nielsen

by Paul Thomas

Andrew Mellor returns to the show to discuss the music of Carl Nielsen, one of the twentieth century's most fascinating symphonists.

 Presto Music Classical Podcast, Episode 20: Fresh Air in the Pipes - Organ Music with Anna Lapwood

by Paul Thomas

This week's guest is one of Britain's most talented young organists, Anna Lapwood, giving us a potted history of the organ's history, and a tour of her eclectic new record, Images.

 Presto Music Classical Podcast, Episode 19: Classical Comedy with Rainer Hersch

by Paul Thomas

Comedian Rainer Hersch joins Paul for a potted history of the art of cocking a snook at the strait-laced world of classical music.

 Presto Music Classical Podcast, Episode 18: A Tale of Three Conductors with Rob Cowan

by Paul Thomas

Podcast regular Rob Cowan joins Paul to assess recent archival boxsets devoted to three émigré American conductors: Artur Rodzinski, Rafael Kubelik, and Eugene Ormandy.

 Presto Music Classical Podcast, Episode 17 Bonus: Pierrot Lunaire with Patricia Kopatchinskaja

by Paul Thomas

For this special bonus episode of the podcast, Patricia Kopatchinskaja tells us about her longstanding relationship with Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire.

 Presto Music Classical Podcast, Episode 16: Britain, by George! - Handel with Suzanne Aspden

by Paul Thomas

Professor Suzanne Aspden joins Paul to trace Handel's journey from the youthful Italian cantatas & operas to his later English oratorios.

 Presto Music Classical Podcast, Episode 15: Clarinet Chronicles with Julian Bliss

by Paul Thomas

Paul is given a guided tour of the clarinet's history by Julian Bliss, from its first appearances in the eighteenth century, up to the present day, and the important role it played in the development of jazz.

 Presto Music Classical Podcast, Episode 14: The Music of Malcolm Arnold with Piers Burton-Page

by Paul Thomas

Author and President of the Malcolm Arnold Society, Piers Burton-Page, gives an overview of the life and work of this important voice in twentieth-century British music.

 Presto Music Classical Podcast, Episode 13: Symphonic Titans - Bruckner & Mahler with Peter Quantrill

by Paul Thomas

Bruckner and Mahler are the focus of this week's show, as Paul Thomas is joined by Gramophone writer Peter Quantrill to assess a couple of recent box-sets devoted to each composer.

 Presto Music Classical Podcast, Episode 12: A Song in Our Hearts with Natasha Loges

by Paul Thomas

In this Valentine's Day Special, Paul talks with author Natasha Loges about the art of Romantic song, as it moved from Vienna to Leipzig in the nineteenth Century.

 Presto Music Classical Podcast, Episode 11: Tinkling the Ivories with Harriet Smith

by Paul Thomas

After a short break, the Presto Music Podcast is back, and for this first episode, Harriet Smith and Paul Thomas talk through some of their favourite pianists.