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Eulenburg (Publisher)

Easily recognised by the distinctive bright yellow study scores, Edition Eulenburg trace their history back to 1874. In 1957 Eulenburg sold its catalogue to Schott Music Ltd (London). Today, the Eulenburg catalogue contains more than 1,200 works, including the original format miniature scores as well as Eulenburg Audio+Score editions.

Recent Best Sellers: Eulenburg

  • Schumann, R: Piano Quintet Eb major op. 44
    Study/Miniature Score STR 4TET/PF
    Sheet Music: $16.00
  • Debussy, C: 3 Nocturnes
    Study/Miniature Score ORCH
    Sheet Music: $18.75
  • Elgar, E: Cello Concerto E minor op. 85
    Study/Miniature Score VCL/ORCH
    Sheet Music: $18.75
  • Bach, J S: Concerto A minor BWV 1041
    Study/Miniature Score VLN/STR/BC
    Sheet Music: $13.25
  • Vivaldi, A L: Concerto D major op. 10/3 RV 428/PV 155
    Study/Miniature Score FLT/STR/BC
    Sheet Music: $12.00
  • Bizet: Carmen Suite No. 2
    Study/Miniature Score ORCH
    Sheet Music/CD: $16.75
  • Wagner, R: Siegfried WWV 86 C
    Study/Miniature Score SOLO/ORCH
    Sheet Music: $111.25
  • Brahms, J: Double Concerto A minor op. 102
    Study/Miniature Score VLN/VCL/ORCH
    Sheet Music: $18.75
  • Donizetti, G: String Quartets No. 1-6
    Study/Miniature Score STR 4TET
    Sheet Music: $36.75
  • Tchaikovsky: Variations on a Rococo Theme for Cello and Orchestra op. 33
    Study/Miniature Score VCL/ORCH
    Sheet Music/CD: $15.25
  • Wagner, R: Die Walküre WWV 86 B
    Study/Miniature Score ORCH
    Sheet Music: $78.50
  • Wagner, R: Parsifal WWV 111
    Study/Miniature Score SOLO/CHOR/ORCH
    Sheet Music: $96.50
  • Series & Collections: Eulenburg