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Bärenreiter (Publisher)

Founded in Germany in 1923 by Dr Karl Vötterle, Bärenreiter hold a vast catalogue of classical scores. This includes several critical complete editions, including those by J. S. Bach, Handel, Telemann, Gluck, Mozart, Schubert and Berlioz. The first choice for scholars and musicians alike, Bärenreiter produces trustworthy editions which offer the latest in musicological research together with an excellent layout and high-quality printing.

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Anniversary, Celebrating 100 Years of Bärenreiter

Bärenreiter is celebrating its 100th birthday! For the duration of the anniversary year Bärenreiter have presented us with nineteen jubilee editions. These include bestsellers from their existing catalogue at greatly reduced prices, as well as new titles with much-loved pieces and movements from key repertoire. Find out more.

Sheet Music Favourites, Bärenreiter: The Beethoven Piano Sonatas

Subsequent to the critically acclaimed publication of the thirty-five Beethoven Piano Sonatas in separate editions, Bärenreiter now presents Beethoven’s Complete Piano Sonatas in three volumes.

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