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 New,Piano Meditations

  • Composer: Wedgwood, Pamela

Sheet Music


Usually despatched in 1 - 2 working days


  • As Morning Awakes (Pam Wedgwood)
  • Changing Moods (Pam Wedgwood)
  • Chant (Pam Wedgwood)
  • Danse espagnole (Pam Wedgwood)
  • The Journey (Pam Wedgwood)
  • Just a Perfect Day (Pam Wedgwood)
  • Looking on the Bright Side (Pam Wedgwood)
  • Reflections at Sunset (Pam Wedgwood)
  • Rise Up (Pam Wedgwood)
  • Rocken Beach (Pam Wedgwood)
  • Solitude (Pam Wedgwood)
  • Waiting (Pam Wedgwood)