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Hall, Pauline: Prehistoric Piano Time

  • Composer: Drayton, P
At around Grade 1 standard, this is guaranteed to have your little ones glued to their piano stools

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  • Stegosaurus Stomp
  • Monstersearch
  • Ambling Allosaurus
  • Fossilized footprints
  • Browsing Brontosaurus
  • A reminder about note values
  • Playful Pleiosaurs
  • Sharps and flats
  • Triceratops trot
  • Depths and heights
  • The very vicious Velociraptor
  • The Scaleosaurus
  • Never vex a Tyrannosaurus Rex!
  • Make up a monsterpiece
  • Diplodocus drag
  • Games for two to play
  • Pterodactyl glide
  • A tip from two Pterodactyls
  • Jurassic jamboree
  • Musical puzzles