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The Chesterfield Broadcasts: Radio Airchecks from 1940-42

Glenn Miller



Usually despatched in 4 - 5 working days


Chicken Reel

Blue Champagne

Medley: Poor Butterfly/The Sky Fell Down/I'm Getting Sentimental Over You/Black and Blue

The Booglie Wooglie Piggy

Something to Remember You By

Long Time No See, Baby

High On a Windy Hill

Yours Is My Heart Alone


Outside of That, I Love You

Harlem Chapel Bells

Medley: Slumber Song/Whatcha Know Joe

Do I Worry?

Keep an Eye On Your Heart

The Spirit Is Willing

Spring Will Be So Sad


It Was Wonderful Then

Jingle, Jangle, Jingle

Medley: Coquette/Say It/Does You Heart Beat for Me?/Blue Hawaii

Amapola (Pretty Little Poppy)

Bugle Woogie