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Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller (Trombone and Bandleader)

Born: 1st March 1904, Clarinda, Iowa, U.S.

Died: 15th December 1944, over English Channel

Nationality: American

Alton Glen Miller was an American big band founder, owner, conductor, composer, arranger, trombone player, and recording artist before and during World War II, when he was an officer in the US Army Air Forces. Glenn Miller and His Orchestra was one of the most popular and successful bands of the 20th century and the big band era. His military group, the Major Glenn Miller Army Air Forces Orchestra, was also popular and successful.

Glenn Miller and His Orchestra was the best-selling recording band from 1939 to 1942. It did not have a string section, but did have a slap bass in the rhythm section. It was also a touring band that played multiple radio broadcasts nearly every day.

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