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Latest News: Jazz, Duke Ellington (Piano & Bandleader)

 Classic Recordings, Ellington, Mingus & Roach - Money Jungle

by Matt Groom

One of the most exciting trio recordings in jazz, Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus and Max Roach's Money Jungle is the sound of three super-sized egos thrashing out their differences in the studio.

 Artist Anthologies, A fascinating Duke Ellington biography by Terry Teachout

by Matt Groom

Matt explores Duke Ellington's life and music through Terry Teachout's biography, which paints a picture of both the musician and the world he was working in.

 Classic Recordings, Ellington at Newport 1956

by Matt Groom

Let us journey back to the Newport Jazz Festival in 1956, to witness a demoralised Ellington Band find its mojo in realtime, thanks to a storming Paul Gonsalves solo that runs for 27 choruses, and caused a mini-riot.