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New Release Round-up, Jazz New Release Round-Up - 23rd February 2024

Roberta Flack (Images: Jack Robinson)
Roberta Flack (Images: Jack Robinson)
What's on the menu this week? Well, to kick things off we have a fresh batch of archive recordings from Roberta Flack with a new a double vinyl issue of some Lost Takes. Next, Karim Saber arrives on the scene with a talented crew of like-minded young jazzers on Transmission. For their latest album Kalaha, Nord Havn serve up their fresh amalgamation of otherworldy sounds, whilst Robert Ottaviano speaks from the heart on People. Finally, we hear from Japanese jazz legend Makoto Ozone, who calls on the new generation for his Trinfinity.

Roberta Flack

Flack’s powerful yet understated early career is offered new light here as we hear a stunning array of 13 archival tracks, recorded around the same time as her debut album First Take. Released on a deluxe CD edition several years ago, it was the brainchild of Gilles Peterson’s ARC Records to issue these deep cuts on wax for the first time. Encompassing the singer’s many wide-ranging tastes from jazz, soul and folk, here is a beautiful snapshot of a star just before she went stratospheric.

Available Format: 2 Vinyl Records

Karim Saber

This troupe of young Londoners unite for this debut outing from the British-Iranian guitarist. Produced in tandem with none other than Jasper Høiby (who also once found himself at the forefront of UK-based jazz), this album makes a perfect introduction to this vital new talent as both a musician and composer. The deep connection these young lads share is enviable, with each one of them locked in and focused on a mutual cause. Their sagely tunes are smooth and Saber’s pernicious lines, even smoother.

Available Formats: CD, MP3, FLAC, Hi-Res FLAC


Take two of the most exciting electronic Danish producers going, put them in a room with another pair of equally gifted Scandi jazzers, and you’ll get Kalaha! This dreamy ensemble are capable of producing otherworldly sounds with their imaginative lineup and no-holds-barred approach. Their seventh hallucinatory trip is a riveting adventure, a melting pot of exploration that touches on elements of both tribal and tropical – all tied together by a compelling sense of funky rhythm and dance!

Available Formats: MP3, FLAC, Hi-Res FLAC

Roberto Ottaviano / Eternal Love

This Italian saxman and former pupil of Steve Lacy presents a live recording of recent European performances, centring on themes close to his heart. Showcasing an immaculate artistic variety accumulated over the length of his impressive career, his band refreshingly glides through a series of alternating jazz-inflicted sound worlds and moods, with each cut different from the last. Alexander Hawkins, British avant-piano champ and routine favourite here at Presto HQ, is featured amongst a heavy lineup of Ottaviano’s otherwise sizzling compatriots.

Available Formats: MP3, FLAC