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Latest News: Jazz, Jazz Genre Guides

  • Jazz Genre Guides, Arabic Jazz

    by Barney Whittaker

    Our latest genre guide covers the many artists to have been influenced by Middle Eastern sounds as well as the international musicians who proudly wear their heritage on their sleeves.

  • Jazz Genre Guides, Christmas Jazz

    by Barney Whittaker

    Make yourselves cosy while we offer some of the finest selections of Christmas recordings from days of yore, as well as some new additions to the holiday canon.

  • Jazz Genre Guides, Jazz Noir

    by Barney Whittaker

    Highlighting the most prolific uses of that gritty and moody style which emerged during the mid-1950s, often accompanying Hollywood movies of the period, think fast-paced crime capers and car chases – our genre guide is action-packed!

  • Jazz Genre Guides, Sacred Jazz

    by Barney Whittaker

    We untangle the gospel roots of the many devout offerings musicians have made over the past decades for our latest genre guide, as jazz goes to church!

  • Jazz Genre Guides, Nordic Jazz

    by Barney Whittaker

    Our latest genre guide explores the best jazz Norway has to offer, from the early days of ECM-pioneer Jan Garbarek plus legendary vocalists Karin Krog and Radka Toneff, all the way to contemporary masters of the field such as Mette Henriette and Daniel Herskedal.

  • Jazz Genre Guides, Latin Jazz - Part Two

    by Barney Whittaker

    In the second part of our Jazz Genre Guide, we explore the ecstatic rhythms of salsa before reflecting on the fusion stylings of Return To Forever and noting several contemporary performers who are crushing it on the current scene.

  • Jazz Genre Guides, Latin Jazz - Part One

    by Barney Whittaker

    Our latest Jazz Genre Guide explores some of the essential recordings made amongst the early years of Latin Jazz as musicians took influence from the rich cultures of Cuba and Brazil during the post-war period.

  • Jazz Genre Guides, Jazz Guitar

    by Joshua Lee

    From big band to bebop, free jazz to fusion, the guitar has always had a strong presence in jazz music. For this latest Jazz Genre Guide, we go through some of the key players of each era.

  • Jazz Genre Guides, Jazz Fusion

    by Matt Groom

    In the latest Jazz Genre Guide we look at the nebulous world of fusion, focussing on the explosion of new sounds coming out of Miles Davis and associates from the late 60's through to the mid 70s.

  • Jazz Genre Guides, Free Jazz

    by Matt Groom

    The first instalment in a new series exploring the many genres within jazz finds Matt jumping straight in at the deep end and recommending some of the most enduring recordings loosely grouped under the heading of 'free jazz'. May the skronk be with you!