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Latest News: Jazz, Jazz Genre Guides

 Jazz Genre Guides, Jazz Guitar

by Joshua Lee

From big band to bebop, free jazz to fusion, the guitar has always had a strong presence in jazz music. For this latest Jazz Genre Guide, we go through some of the key players of each era.

 Jazz Genre Guides, Jazz Fusion

by Matt Groom

In the latest Jazz Genre Guide we look at the nebulous world of fusion, focussing on the explosion of new sounds coming out of Miles Davis and associates from the late 60's through to the mid 70s.

 Jazz Genre Guides, Free Jazz

by Matt Groom

The first instalment in a new series exploring the many genres within jazz finds Matt jumping straight in at the deep end and recommending some of the most enduring recordings loosely grouped under the heading of 'free jazz'. May the skronk be with you!