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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 results
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  • Aya Okuyama, Alessandro Commellato, Stefano Barneschi, Hae Won Chang, Hans Kann, Mary Louise Boehm, Martin Galling, Alexander Trostianski, Anonymous, Das Kleine Konzert and Hermann Max, Kristine Gailite, Philippe Do, Pierre-Yves Pruvot, Hjördis Thébault, Eva Suskova, Ondrej Šaling, Martin Mikuš, Marian...

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  • Costantino Mastroprimiano (fortepiano), Madoka Inui (piano), Luigi Bianchi (violin), Aldo Orvieto (piano), Luigi Bianchi (viola), Claudio Maccari (guitar), Giovanni Togni (fortepiano), Izhar Elias (guitar), Michael Tsalka (fortepiano), MarcoTestori (cello), Lise Daoust (flute), Carmen Picard (piano),...

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  • Chorus Alea & Solamente Naturali, Bratislava, Didier Talpain

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  • Éva Bodrogi (soprano)

    Jeunesses Musicales Choir, Erdõdy Chamber Orchestra, Domonkos Héja

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