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Offer,Bach: The Art of Fugue

Filippo Gorini

here’s another fine recording. Filippo Gorini’s has lovely poise throughout, sometimes as though with bated breath, other times with driving propulsion, and occasionally exploding with pure joie... More…

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Bach, J S: The Art of Fugue, BWV1080

Work length1:37:04
  • Filippo Gorini

Contrapunctus I

Track length3:40

Contrapunctus II

Track length3:07

Contrapunctus III

Track length3:56

Contrapunctus IV

Track length5:42

Canon alla ottava

Track length2:14

Contrapunctus V

Track length4:23

Contrapunctus VI a 4 in stylo francese

Track length4:03

Contrapunctus VII a 4 per augmentationem et diminutionem

Track length4:14

Canon per augmentationem in contrario motu

Track length7:02

Contrapunctus VIII a 3

Track length8:35

Contrapunctus IX a 4 alla duodecima

Track length2:42

Contrapunctus X a 4 alla decima

Track length5:48

Contrapunctus XI a 4

Track length9:02

Canon alla duodecima in contrapunto alla quinta

Track length1:59

Contrapunctus inversus XII a 4. Forma recta

Track length4:34

Contrapunctus inversus XII a 4. Forma inversa

Track length4:20

Contrapunctus inversus XIII a 3. Forma recta

Track length2:19

Contrapunctus inversus XIII a 3. Forma inversa

Track length2:28

Canon alla decima in contrapunto alla terza

Track length5:38

Fuga a 3 soggetti

Track length11:18