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 Pre-order,  Offer,British solo cello music

Steven Isserlis (cello), Mishka Rushdie Momen (piano)


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Due for release on 1st Oct 2021

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Britten: Temas 'Sacher'

Work length1:37
  • Steven Isserlis (cello)

Britten: Suite No. 3 for cello solo, Op. 87

Work length22:58
  • Steven Isserlis (cello)

I. Introduzione: Lento

Track length2:24

II. Marcia: Allegro

Track length1:46

III. Canto: Con moto –

Track length1:11

IV. Barcarola: Lento –

Track length1:36

V. Dialogo: Allegretto –

Track length1:39

VI. Fuga: Andante espressivo

Track length2:44

VII. Recitativo: Fantastico

Track length1:33

VIII. Moto perpetuo: Presto

Track length1:00

IX. Passacaglia: Lento solenne

Track length4:49

X. Mournful song 'Under the little apple tree' –

Track length0:32

XI. Autumn –

Track length0:28

XII. Street song 'The grey eagle'

Track length0:36

XIII. Grant repose together with the saints

Track length2:40

anon.: Mournful song 'Under the little apple tree'

Work length0:50
  • Steven Isserlis (cello), Mishka Rushdie Momen (piano)

anon.: Autumn

Work length0:46
  • Steven Isserlis (cello), Mishka Rushdie Momen (piano)

anon.: Street song 'The grey eagle'

Work length0:24
  • Steven Isserlis (cello), Mishka Rushdie Momen (piano)

anon.: Kontakion 'Grant repose'

Work length4:31
  • Steven Isserlis (cello)

Walton: Theme for a Prince

Work length1:28
  • Steven Isserlis (cello)

Walton: Passacaglia for solo cello

Work length6:39
  • Steven Isserlis (cello)

Gardner, John: Partita for solo cello, Op 98

Work length3:05
  • Steven Isserlis (cello)

III. Coranto pizzicato

Track length3:05

Merrick, F: Suite in the eighteenth-century style

Work length33:49
  • Steven Isserlis (cello)

I. Ritornelle

Track length7:43

II. Courante

Track length4:07

III. Sarabande

Track length4:44

IV. Gavottes I & II

Track length3:47

V. Siciliano

Track length6:08

VI. Bourrées I & II

Track length3:23

VII. Air

Track length0:56

VIII. Gigue

Track length3:01

Adès: Sola

Work length2:11
  • Steven Isserlis (cello)