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 New,Bach - Busoni: Goldberg Variations & Other Works

Chiyan Wong (piano)

Chiyan Wong, the Hong Kong-born pianist who turns 33 this year, is an instrumentalist of truly remarkable gifts. Most striking are his precision and variety of touch, creating a rich dynamic... More…



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Johann Sebastian Bach, Ferruccio Busoni, Chiyan Wong: Goldberg Variations (‘Air with Thirty Variations’), BWV 988

Work length31:58
  • Chiyan Wong

I. Largamente e cantato

Track length2:12

II. Allegro con freschezza, e deciso

Track length0:59

III. Andantino, dolce

Track length0:47

IV. Lo stesso movimento

Track length0:28

V. Allegro, non troppo

Track length0:46

VI. Allegretto tranquillo

Track length0:38

VII. Allegro scherzando

Track length0:59

VIII. Allegro

Track length1:01

IX. Alla breve

Track length0:55

X. Lostesso tempo, più vivace

Track length1:03

XI. Andante con grazia [ossia]

Track length2:31

XII. Allegro ritenuto

Track length1:10

XIII. Quasi adagio

Track length2:50

XIV. Allegretto piacevole

Track length0:48

XV. Allegretto vivace [Variante des Herausgebers]

Track length1:06

XVI. Alla breve

Track length0:39

XVII. Non Allegro

Track length1:12

XVIII. Adagio

Track length4:34

XIX. Allegro corrente

Track length1:01

XX. Andante brillante [Version des Herausgebers]

Track length1:19

XXI. Allegro non troppo – Frisch und volkstümlich, doch nicht ohne Würde – Largamente (Aria)

Track length5:00

Wong, C: Inversion of Variation 15 (Canone alla quinta) from Bach’s Goldberg Variations, BWV 988

Work length2:41
  • Chiyan Wong

Busoni: Sonatina "in diem Nativitatis Christi MCMXVII" (No. 4), BV 274

Work length7:26
  • Chiyan Wong

Johann Sebastian Bach, Ferruccio Busoni: Partita for Violin No. 2 in D Minor, BWV 1004: V. Chaconne

Work length14:59
  • Chiyan Wong