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The Lily & the Rose

Adoration of the Virgin in sound and stone

The Binchois Consort, Andrew Kirkman

Thankfully, the scholars have more sense than to draw precise parallels between any particular piece of music and a particular sculpture…the six adult male singers of The Binchois Consort under... More…



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The Lily & The Rose

Cooke (J): Stella Celi Extirpavit

Anon: Salve Sancta Parens

Frye: Kyrie So Ys Emprentid

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Frye: Missa Flos Regalis - 1. Gloria

Le Rouge: Stella Celi Extirpavit / So Ys Emprentid

Bedyngham: Superno Nunc Emittitur

Dunstaple: Ave Maris Stella

Frye: Missa Flos Regalis - 2. Credo

Damett: Salve Porta Paradisi

Dunstaple: Gaude Virgo Salutata

Bedyngham / Frye: Sancta Maria Succurre Miseris

Frye: Missa Flos Regalis - 3. Sanctus & Benedictus

Fowler: O Quam Glorifica

Forest: Qualis Est Dilectus

Dunstaple: Sancta Maria Succurre Miseris

Anon: Virga Jesse Floruit

Anon: Matronarum Hec Matrona

Plummer: Anna Mater Matris Christi

Frye: Missa Flos Regalis - 4. Agnus Dei

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