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Whispering Leaves

Lucie Stepanova (cello), Ksenia Kouzmenko (piano)



Usually despatched in 3 - 4 working days


Janáček: Fairy Tale

Work length12:50
  • Lucie Štĕpánová, Ksenia Kouzmenko

I. Con moto

Track length5:12

II. Con moto

Track length4:43

III. Allegro

Track length2:55

Páleníček: Chorale Variations on the Theme “O Sacred Head, Now Wounded

Work length18:07
  • Lucie Štĕpánová, Ksenia Kouzmenko


Track length1:22

Variation No. 1. Comodo

Track length0:56

Variation No. 2. Animato

Track length0:46

Variation No. 3. Vivace

Track length1:04

Variation No. 4. Comodo

Track length1:17

Variation No. 5. Adagio

Track length3:49

Variation No. 6. Andante grazioso - Impetuoso

Track length1:48

Variation No. 7. Allegro assai

Track length0:53

Variation No. 8. Cadenza ad libitum

Track length2:37

Variation No. 9. Finale. Allegro - Grave

Track length3:35

Martinů: Sonata for Cello & Piano No. 2, H. 286

Work length23:35
  • Lucie Štĕpánová, Ksenia Kouzmenko

I. Allegro

Track length8:51

II. Largo

Track length8:49

III. Allegro comodo

Track length5:55

Janáček: A Blown-Away Leaf from the Piano Cycle “On an Overgrown Path”

Work length3:33
  • Lucie Štĕpánová, Ksenia Kouzmenko