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 Offer,Martinů: Madrigals

Martinů Voices, Lukáš Vasilek

The pitch-perfect singing of Lukáš Vasilek’s Martinu Voices is always companionable, and I imagine there must be a special pleasure for native Czech speakers. But this is a treasury for everyone. More…
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    January 2018
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    March 2018
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    May 2018


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Martinů: Madrigals, H. 380

Work length10:06
  • Martinů Voices
  • Lukáš Vasilek

I. On the Other Bank of the Danube

Track length1:57

II. Lo, a Grove

Track length2:38

III. Nothing Lasts in This World

Track length3:19

IV. So You Think

Track length2:12

Martinů: Primrose, H. 348

Work length6:27
  • Martinů Voices
  • Lukáš Vasilek

I. The New Hat

Track length0:56

II. In Front of Our Yard

Track length1:12

III. The Complaint

Track length1:55

IV. A Nice Piece of Wood

Track length1:33

V. Noon

Track length0:51

Martinů: Czech Madrigals, H. 278

Work length17:30
  • Martinů Voices
  • Lukáš Vasilek

I. Lo, Off We Go

Track length2:00

II. Let's Go

Track length1:35

III. Let Me Know, Lord

Track length3:29

IV. Hey! We've Got Goods to Sell

Track length2:14

V. My Head Is Aching

Track length2:23

VI. We Love Each Other

Track length1:52

VII. How Do I feel

Track length2:14

VIII. Once More

Track length1:43

Martinů: Three Sacred Songs, H. 339

Work length9:32
  • Martinů Voices
  • Lukáš Vasilek

I. The Nativity

Track length2:20

II. The Ascension of the Lord

Track length4:24

III. The Path to Paradise

Track length2:48

Martinů: 4 Marian Songs

Work length10:16
  • Martinů Voices
  • Lukáš Vasilek

I. The Annunciation

Track length1:31

II. The Dream

Track length2:03

III. The Virgin Mary's Breakfest

Track length3:03

IV. A Picture of the Virgin Mary

Track length3:39

Martinů: Five Czech Madrigals, H. 321

Work length5:15
  • Martinů Voices
  • Lukáš Vasilek

I. The Message Delivered by the Dove

Track length1:18

II. My Aching Head

Track length1:07

III. Geese Floating on Water

Track length0:59

IV. Riding to See My Love

Track length1:05

V. Spells and Calumnies

Track length0:46